Friday, 21 September 2018

An Exciting Announcement!

Sup' Homies? Been awhile, eh? Sorry 'bout that.

Anyways... I feel like I should get something off my chest. I've started another blog... It's not what you think, I swear! I'd never abandon this project, my baby, my precious! But I have felt for a while now that there isn't much opportunity on this lifestyle blog to discuss my creative writing or even book reviews. So while I'm not abandoning this blog, I am adding another to my roster!

Everyone, say hello to Amongst the Shelves! Amongst the Shelves will be a compilation of my original stuff, book reviews, and general literary things. Whereas this blog will focus more on the day to day stuff, travel, and updated products that I like or thing y'all should check out.

I will be trying to split my time between the two equally with posts coming out regularly on both (and I swear this isn't some sort of pipe dream). That being said, if you ever wondered what my literary life is like and not just the personal please go and show Amongst the Shelves some love and support.

Or if you would like to just stick to the OG blog, that is a-okay as well!

I love you all so much!

With love,


Saturday, 24 March 2018

Graduation Thoughts

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry for being absent quite a bit, but I think I've finally reached a point where I can put a bit more time into this blog as well as my creative writing. As I must have stated before, I am a university student but as of April 16th the struggle of undergraduate studies will be put behind me.
While the university has been both exciting and terrifying, in the past final months I have found myself feeling nostalgic. I also felt this way upon graduating high school, but I feel it is these moments in which reflection is healthy, and also exciting.
What I find difficult to wrap my head around, is how fast it all seems to have gone. One moment I was a confused and lost first year, struggling to cope with sleep deprivation, deadlines and grade disappointment. Now I'd like to say I handle the sleep deprivation better, but the truth is I need lots of caffeine (with the rare last resort of an energy drink) and a healthy understanding that while university isn't easy, it is possible to get good grades if you pick things that interest you to write papers on.
It's through my reflections, that I find that a next chapter is not always the end of something. While I may not be an undergraduate, regardless of the time in my life, I will always learn something new, which is comforting. And even if it's not formal education with a teacher at the front of the room or a classroom, there are still means to learn. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm kinda sorta sad I won't be a student anymore, but a new chapter is always good as well.
Anyways, thanks for reading my rant. And if you are experiencing what I am right now or something similar, I always like hearing from everyone!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

New Tattoo

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the new tattoo that sat through last Wednesday. If not here is a picture of the line work! I still have quite a bit left to go but it's a great start!
The before picture

The after picture

This post is not just about my tattoo, but rather a look into why I would want to get ink in the first place. Tattoos are still controversial, mainly amongst older generations. While tattoos are more common nowadays there is still some stigma placed on those who get tattoos. And while the world is more accepting of self of expression, there are still limitations set in our society.

So why then would I want a tattoo?

The simple answer is the art form.

The more complicated answer is to express myself. When I was 18-months years old, we had a faulty hot water tank in the basement which had been newly installed by the previous homeowner. While my parents had set the temperature to the appropriate temperature on the thermostat, the actual heater was wrong resulted in 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 20-30% of my body. While I am grateful to be alive and have had the opportunity to receive great treatment, the mental scars associated with the physical ones have left me in my teens and into my early 20's with an unhealthy perception of my body.

Many will say why would you want a tattoo then? Won't it make it worse?

But my answer to that, is when you go through a traumatic experience,  it doesn't matter what you may look like, the mental aspect will always play games unless you try to change your perception. You can go to therapy to deal with the problems, but when you are constantly reminded by looking n the mirror, the demons you repress keep coming back. So instead of hiding away, and suffering, I want to battle my insecurities and allow myself to heal.

While I don't believe that tattoo's need a particular meaning, my tattoo is an ode to a new future. In the past, my scars resembled a thorny past, something I couldn't control and let myself go as a result. I let my own body dysmorphia and PTSD control me. My tattoo is a garden to show that while nature is beautiful, it's not necessarily bad to not be able to control everything. I have peonies, which symbolize to me home and personal growth, but also a wealth of knowledge and healing. The rabbit grounds me as it brings me back to my childhood days and my mother's nickname for me.

I know that this post is heavy, and I will probably receive some hate, but I think its important for me to open up and talk about the reality that people with severe injuries feel. For myself, I have lived in fear and pain of how I look, and I have received hateful comments from people since I was young. This is not a by-product of hatred, it is a product of ignorance and the more people open up and try to share their stories hopefully there will be tolerance. As we as a society become more accepting of those with scars, disabilities, illness, etc. we open the doors for a beautiful future much like a garden.

This journey has been long won, and I only have the courage to do this because of my support system, the Shriner's and the doctors and nurses at the Shriner's Hospital in Boston. Because of them, I am a strong independent woman who has taken all that life has given me and risen to the challenge. I'd also to special thank Ashley, my lovely tattoo artist, who has helped me begin this road to a new life!

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I encourage anyone who has faced trauma, depressive or suicidal thoughts, or feel trapped, to seek the support of a family member, friend and/or a  medical professional, as we should not face our demons alone.