Thursday, 31 March 2011


CHELLO! So in this post about... 4 days or so after my first official interesting post, we or maybe just I( sad moment T_T), are discussing the dangers of procrastination.
Now your probably wondering what is wrong with this perfectly normal bad habit. I tell you what, many things my friend, dark things.
This ability or force of dark magic can turn even the most diligent into lazy couch potatoes(ha, potatoes). And for all those parents out there, no we can't help procrastination, we are born with it. Yes, I said it WE ARE BORN WITH IT!
Scientists have proven that the procrastination trait is heredity, passed from generation to generation causing side affects like; lack of interest, the ability to multitask, back talk or sass, grunting and flailing limbs, late assignments, annoyance to anyone in path, youtube-itis, vlogging/blogging fever, day dream drool syndrome, and many more.
If you are concerned that you may have any of these symptoms, know that the cure is occasional breaks and loads of caffeine.

Random Side Note: I was bored and it was 11:00 and I had just had an ice capp. Leave comments... you know you wanna.

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