Sunday, 27 March 2011

videogames 1

My taste in video games is by no means conventional. I prefer games like The Professor Layton series(Level 5) and The Ace Attorney series(Capcom) yet these titles are only really known to those who had a year subscription to Nintendo Power, and I want to fix that.
Gamers come in many different shapes and sizes. Many proclaimed gamers are your typical testosterone filled teenage boys who spend more than 24 hours in front of a tv or gaming device when they should be studying. No, video gaming is a global success that is not just open to the classic shoot em' up game.
There is Mario, Sonic, Grand Theft Auto, Trauma Center, Professor Layton and of course Socom. These that I have listed are only a few examples of the various chart toppers, and what do you know they are all of different Genre. My point in this tirade is to declare that even if people claim that hard core gamers are all playing gore fest games, then their wrong. I'm a gamer. I'm a female gamer who enjoys variety. I like all the games listed above and many more. If you have any comments complaints or further response, leave comments below.

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