Monday, 4 April 2011

A week to remember

So hello amigos! I haven't posted in a week... Yeah that's right. Anyways the reason I did not write was because of my birthday, plus I was too busy sleeping. This is mainly a review of any interesting thing I have heard or did. So the list:
1. Finished Miles Edgeworth Investigations(2 is coming out apparently so I am totally jazzed about that)
2. Read Fallen( a so- so book, not as edgy as I thought it would be. If you want further description and opinions ask in the comment section below)
3. Figured out why many people in my school are preps( anything creative boggles their minds and their sheltered brains can't cope)
4. Weird people are awesome( heard this from a little girl in the mall while I was ranting to my mom- I found this hilarious)
5. And many more( suspense!!!)
So bye guys and gals and see you in.... A couple days sorta unsure when but soon!

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