Friday, 17 June 2011


Have you ever felt that tests and school in general just suck the life out of your bones and mind? Well have no fear because caffeine is here.
This lovely little product found in soda's and delicious coffee goodness and revitalizes and lifts spirits faster than a 20% discount on graphic tees.
I have recently found that when studying this natural pick me up just makes me so... HAPPY!!!!!!
Currently I am sucking back a grande coffee frap from Starbucks and it's like dancing on water it's that good!
I was originally going to talk about how Canucks fans give Vancouver and Canada a bad name but I figured that it would come out better if I did it on my computer instead of my iPod. I may even include pictures and video if I can.
On another note, I was really happy all of the past week because when I had checked my stats page I discovered that people actually read my blog! Now the whole original premise was to release personal tension and just have fun, however now reflecting it makes my days lighter and fluffier to know that my thoughts and days are enjoyable to you and myself.
So thank you everyone who reads and I will connect again in a couple of days!

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