Thursday, 7 July 2011

Top 10 Apps to Check Out

Here are my top 10 personal favorite apps in least to greatest of all time!

10. Facebook. Now I know what your thinking. Facebook? Really? However, growing up in a society of technology and long distance relationships ( friendships, parents, extended family and the love interest) it makes it easier to connect. One condition due to it's obsessive following, Facebook is highly addictive and completely compulsive. When or if you have a profile, make sure as to not to provide to much time to it.

9. Ace Attorney. My all time favorite game now has an app for it. Now if this comes into further need to divulge I will do top ten games. Enough said.

8. Cut the rope. I love this game so much!

7.iBooks. So much to offer but it just doesn't have a great amount of recent stuff so don't get your holes up.

6. Music. Now this app is just your typical music. It will always rank even though not as high as my many other apps.

5. Manga Rock. If you love anime and manga this a great app. The only thing is that in order to favorite your favorites you need to pay. I is well worth it though.

4. YouTube. Always a good way to enjoy those hours of laziness.

3. Discovr. A beautiful way to find musical talent based on your existing library with new artists, artist biographies, links and videos.

2. Starbucks. Yes a caffeine junkie like myself cannot afford to be lost in a strange city without my caffeine. Although I'm sure even without the app I would survive in walking a couple kilometers to find me some good ole caffeine... This just makes it easier.

1. And lastly the note pad app. I write my ideas and short blurbs on it all the time and it is just convenient way to remember things instead of looking for a paper and pen and then losing it later.

* all Apps above are for the iPod touch and opinions are all based on personal interest. I recommend all and all are worthwhile.

I figured since my posts are irregular that when things get to drawn out I will post a favorite list. If you have any comments, insights or questions please comment!

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