Saturday, 17 September 2011

An Interesting Month

Chello. I understand that it has been a long time since I posted but since a lot has been happening I figure,now is the time to tell all of you.
1. I have been back at school for the past week and have survived to tell the tale. Hopefully it lasts.
2.I am thinking of continuing with my writing of a story i started a while ago.
3. I think I grew by 1.5 cm(about half an inch). I'm short so this is a huge development. I am a full 5'2 now!!! I am so happy.
4.I get to write to all you lovely people since I was not at home most of the summer.
5. I have some new friends, I have gotten even more nerdy then I already was and I have embraced Nerdfighteria fully. (Nerdfighteria was started by John and Hank Green, better know has the VlogBrothers, on youtube. Thank you John and Hank for your laughs. You make the world shine.)
and finally 6. I have lost some weight due to my "Food Crisis" piece. I am officially on the band wagon!
So yeah, A LOT has happened... Although I still feel sad that I didn't write that often this summer. I hope none of you will be angry at me, I love my readers more than my Hidden Leaf stainless steel ring, or even my Scott Pilgrim Collection. La Gasp! Not the Scott Pilgrim!!!!!
Kcoolkat24 (A.K.A Kaitlynn)

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