Sunday, 23 October 2011

Movies- The Tragedy That Which Is Movie Stores

The lack of movies in movie rental stores astound me. A year ago yo could walk into block buster an find a whole bloody wall jam packed with media crack we could indulge on. But now, now we have to deal with empty shelves! It is deplorable! And I am fed up with nothing to watch. Movies in theaters just aren't the same... You can't point out the flaws by the continuity director, you can't laugh obnoxiously, usually the food kiosk runs out of peanut m&m's and you certainly can't find popcorn that suits your taste. In retrospect I complain a lot but I mean it affects us all! We don't want to pay for a $9 movie plus $18 dollars in concession! That is just grossly expensive! And your probably smirking and saying "wow this chick is cheap!" and I in turn will point at any person who says that this is fine and scoff and shout at the top of my lungs " HAH, sucker! You are prey for the money sucking vampires!". I am obviously one opinion but I THINK THAT THIS ISSUE REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!

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