Friday, 30 December 2011

About me (very late in fact)

So I figured that a lot of you guys don't know about me despite you reading my posts and figuring out that I am a bit on the wonky side. Since that is most inconvenient I have decided to make a list of things about me. None of the depressing stuff just quirks.
1. I do not like round food (meat balls, chicken balls, etc)
2. I correct other peoples grammar and spelling
3. When someone corrects mine I get incredibly self conscious and grumpy
4. I was in competitive gymnastics for 5 years
5. I greatly dislike math
6. I replace swearing with delicious desserts because both of those things are on my mind
7. I hate when it takes someone 20 mins to decide what they want ( little old grannies counting out pennies to buy a $6 item)
8. People who walk really slow for no apparent reason annoy me so much
9. I take kick boxing
10. I write( obviously)
11. I speak 3 languages ( English, French and Japanese)
12. I want to travel the world
13. I read a crap load of books
14. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall (approx. 158 cm)
15. I love music
16. I am addicted to caffeine and sugar
And very important 17. I value honesty and truth.
There are more however these are very basic things I am willing to tell people. I love you guys, and I will write later!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Books 2.0

I love literature. If superman's weakness is kryptonite mine would have to be books.
Every time my parents take me to one I can't help but be distracted. It really is not pretty when I don't have a book to divert my attention.
It has been proven that I am at my nicest when I have a book in front of me. My best friend actually monitors that I don't read under the table during math... I do that  a lot.
So in the spirit of reading I picked up my stock pile so I should be set for at least a month! So I will talk to you later! Ciao!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day

I am not a very religious person so when Christmas comes around I don't really pay much attention. However, this year I took up some interest in the holidays. I went Christmas shopping, are food and even decorated the artificial tree we have. Yes we have a fake tree, sue me. We have a fake tree because ig almost ruined my parents marriage(the tree litterally striped of pine needles) and in order for no deaths they purchased a fake tree.

My tree story aside the holidays are the time of year that kicks off a good start to new years. In other news I have a new phone because the old one hated me ( kept getting texts 5 days later instead of instantly!).
Sorry it has been awhile but it was because of the holidays and I think you can sympathize.
I love you guys and I will write to you later!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Places I have traveled

So as the title suggests I will disclose where I have traveled in the world. Yay!
1. St. Thomas U.S Virgin Islands
2. Dominica
3. Curacao
4. Liverpool, England
5. The United States
6. Within Canada
7. Mexico
8. Venezuela
9. Barbados
10. The Bahamas
11. Turks&Caicos
Those are the places I have been. There are many countries that I really want to go to. My next will probably be that or about my dog... I am really very undecided about which one I want to write about more...
Anyways I love you guys and I will talk later. Bye!!

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Butterfly Affect

Yesterday I was cold. Yep cold. I don't know if you have noticed this but I don't like the cold. In fact I DETEST it. However when you live in the coldest city with over 600 000 people you have to fight through it. I have nicknamed this resolution to survive: the Butterfly Affect.
The Butterfly Affect is when you bundle up in as much clothing(ex. Sweaters,long underwear,etc) and climd into sarcophagus of blankets. And in the morning you climb out of the blanket mountain cave you made in the night. It's kind of like a butterfly undergoing metamorphosis.
No Joke.
In retrospect Winnipeggers are probably unfriendly( despite what our license plates say) is because of the really COLD winters.
Oh, before I forget we have the best snow removal strategy in the world! There's a fun fact for y'all. Oh and the Canadian museum of human rights.
Yay okay I love you guys. And I will write to you all soon!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Holidays Ya Gotta Luv Em'

Now the title says it all. The fun, the joy, the rampage for gifts for Xmas, the need for candles for the menorah, a feast for Kwanza, Ukrainian Christmas, and lots of others! They are all great! The great thing is the feeling of caring that comes with holidays.
But there is two downsides: 1. The malls and stores are insane
2. What to buy people.
Usually I have no problems in this department but it is difficult to buy presents under a budget.
Yes I have a budget, sue me. Everyone says you can't put a price on friendship, that may be true but you certainly can on gifts.
Because lets face it, if I was to buy presents for every person I know I would be in an Olympic size pool of debt(meaning a FULL Olympic size pool).
Unfortunately this is a fact. Money doesn't grow on trees( well technically that isn't true, based on the relation between tree to paper to cash, but you get my metaphorical gist).
And let's face it, our hearts and pocket books, can only open so far.
I am really sounding like Scrooge... Okay let's wrap it up with a pretty bow!
I will make my budget reasonable and give thoughtful gifts. What do all of you think?
In the mean time I will be wearing my Santa hat everywhere!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Abstract Titles Rock

So you may know this already but I like everything that has even a hint of abstract. Anything you have to think about the underlying meaning is awesome. It only makes it better if you pick up a book with an abstract title.
When I say abstract I mean that you actually have to read the book and take it to heart to understand the underlying meaning. A glorious example is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In order to understand the title is to read the book ( I'm not spoiling it's ending! Read it!).
Those are often the most meaningful stories, because they make you think.
I love books if you haven't noticed but I love their complex plot the most.
Now as you might tell that books are a huge thing for me and I will answer: they give me metaphorical boner (LOL this line is from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian).
So pick up a book that has an interesting title, read enjoy but also reflect of the meaning of the words because that is often the best part!
Love you all and will write more later!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Holidays and cinnamon dreams

To start off today's post on good footing, I would just like to say some thanks! Thank you all for your patience with me, I know my postings are not regular but I try to post because of your support! Thank you!
To continue on from that, I am currently re-writing a story I wrote 3 years ago. I am very excited!
I am also excited because the wonderful holiday season is upon us! Although it is a happy time it can also be very frustrating because everything is so DAMN EXPENSIVE! I am cheap, and I know this but these prices kill!
As for the cinnamon dreams, I walked into a craft store and all I smelt was this burning cinnamon smell. It made my eyes water. Although these are 2 annoying parts of the season I still enjoy it!
Now I really want to know what you guys are doing for the season!
Happy Holidays!!!