Friday, 30 December 2011

About me (very late in fact)

So I figured that a lot of you guys don't know about me despite you reading my posts and figuring out that I am a bit on the wonky side. Since that is most inconvenient I have decided to make a list of things about me. None of the depressing stuff just quirks.
1. I do not like round food (meat balls, chicken balls, etc)
2. I correct other peoples grammar and spelling
3. When someone corrects mine I get incredibly self conscious and grumpy
4. I was in competitive gymnastics for 5 years
5. I greatly dislike math
6. I replace swearing with delicious desserts because both of those things are on my mind
7. I hate when it takes someone 20 mins to decide what they want ( little old grannies counting out pennies to buy a $6 item)
8. People who walk really slow for no apparent reason annoy me so much
9. I take kick boxing
10. I write( obviously)
11. I speak 3 languages ( English, French and Japanese)
12. I want to travel the world
13. I read a crap load of books
14. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall (approx. 158 cm)
15. I love music
16. I am addicted to caffeine and sugar
And very important 17. I value honesty and truth.
There are more however these are very basic things I am willing to tell people. I love you guys, and I will write later!

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