Friday, 9 December 2011

The Butterfly Affect

Yesterday I was cold. Yep cold. I don't know if you have noticed this but I don't like the cold. In fact I DETEST it. However when you live in the coldest city with over 600 000 people you have to fight through it. I have nicknamed this resolution to survive: the Butterfly Affect.
The Butterfly Affect is when you bundle up in as much clothing(ex. Sweaters,long underwear,etc) and climd into sarcophagus of blankets. And in the morning you climb out of the blanket mountain cave you made in the night. It's kind of like a butterfly undergoing metamorphosis.
No Joke.
In retrospect Winnipeggers are probably unfriendly( despite what our license plates say) is because of the really COLD winters.
Oh, before I forget we have the best snow removal strategy in the world! There's a fun fact for y'all. Oh and the Canadian museum of human rights.
Yay okay I love you guys. And I will write to you all soon!

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