Thursday, 1 December 2011

Holidays and cinnamon dreams

To start off today's post on good footing, I would just like to say some thanks! Thank you all for your patience with me, I know my postings are not regular but I try to post because of your support! Thank you!
To continue on from that, I am currently re-writing a story I wrote 3 years ago. I am very excited!
I am also excited because the wonderful holiday season is upon us! Although it is a happy time it can also be very frustrating because everything is so DAMN EXPENSIVE! I am cheap, and I know this but these prices kill!
As for the cinnamon dreams, I walked into a craft store and all I smelt was this burning cinnamon smell. It made my eyes water. Although these are 2 annoying parts of the season I still enjoy it!
Now I really want to know what you guys are doing for the season!
Happy Holidays!!!

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