Thursday, 8 December 2011

Holidays Ya Gotta Luv Em'

Now the title says it all. The fun, the joy, the rampage for gifts for Xmas, the need for candles for the menorah, a feast for Kwanza, Ukrainian Christmas, and lots of others! They are all great! The great thing is the feeling of caring that comes with holidays.
But there is two downsides: 1. The malls and stores are insane
2. What to buy people.
Usually I have no problems in this department but it is difficult to buy presents under a budget.
Yes I have a budget, sue me. Everyone says you can't put a price on friendship, that may be true but you certainly can on gifts.
Because lets face it, if I was to buy presents for every person I know I would be in an Olympic size pool of debt(meaning a FULL Olympic size pool).
Unfortunately this is a fact. Money doesn't grow on trees( well technically that isn't true, based on the relation between tree to paper to cash, but you get my metaphorical gist).
And let's face it, our hearts and pocket books, can only open so far.
I am really sounding like Scrooge... Okay let's wrap it up with a pretty bow!
I will make my budget reasonable and give thoughtful gifts. What do all of you think?
In the mean time I will be wearing my Santa hat everywhere!

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