Monday, 31 December 2012

I Am In Need of a Toast! To the new year!

Hey guys! I hope everyone's holidays were filled with merriment and good times, I know mine were. This is for everyone on this joyous day, and I am aware for some the New Year has already come due to time differences but that doesn't mean that this is late! So here is to the transition between 2012 to 2013! I love you guys and I will see you in the new year!
Ps don't forget to switch your calendars or you will end up like me because I usually don't know the date... (−_−;)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Why Must Canada Be So Cold?

If you are new to my blog then you probably don't know this but I hate the cold. I have grown up in Manitoba, nicknamed Manisnowba, for its unreasonably chilly winters. I personally hate snow and I know most Manitobans by mid January feel the same way. Unfortunately not only is it cold it is also the freakin longest season.
I am cold, my feet are wet and my trip to Florida feels so far away...
Upside to winter I can drink all the Hot beverages I want without being loose at strangely, which is good because my parents just won a new tassimo brew station and I have been enjoying cappuccinos without going outside for them. Anyways as always I will talk to you guys later.
Ps YouTube is an awesome way to escape the cold!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Google+ Page!!

I am so hip! I made a fan page so you guys can stay posted... Not that you probably want to...
Also I really need a cool banner or something to spruce these things up... I feel like my format is boring, so if anyone is an artist and a fan please submit your plot hatchings to or leave a comment in the fancy shmancy box below. OR CHECK OUT THE NEW PAGE!!!!! Yeah so cool... (Awkward leaving the imagianry spotlight...)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Social Media Sites/ Apps... Oh How I Love Thee... I Think I Have A Problem

So guys, it has come to my attention that I have become a bit co-dependent on social media. Personally I find this really weird, being as I hav never really cared up until I made this account. I find that society as a whole is too dependent and I can honestly blame myself for this generation's need for technology, because I, as an individual, could have avoided the whole thing in the first place. My nagging is not because I don't like technology but because I find it starve that not even 20 years ago we didn't have computers in our homes and now pretty much everyone has one!
Gosh I love my technology... Especially Instagram. IT IS SO GOOD! If you want to follow me I am Forestatdawn! Yay!
So guys basis of this is that I have a slight addiction to Instagram and other social sites... So yeah....

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


So the title (like always) says it all... I am doing the cinnamon challenge.... Oh boy...
The events leading up this aren't very exciting but here is a brief description of how I got roped into this...
S and I  had a bet: how many minutes will it take to make it to school?
I obviously lost... But the sad thing is, I was a thumbs length away from winning this bet. And the consequences for poor S would have been to drink A REALLY nasty fruit juice that was white and yucky. Absolutely hilarious!
But I lost... So I now have to eat a spoonful of cinnamon...
For those of you who don't know about the cinnamon challenge look at YouTube and the amount of pain these people go through....
The real kicker guys... I have to do it at school... Which sucks because what happens if I puke, what then... And it is going to be filmed so I most likely will post it so you guys can laugh at my misery.
Oh boy... This is why betting is BAD, kids!!!!!!!!!!

P. S
I probably will never like cinnamon again...

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Things About Me (updated and recent things)

Okay, it has been... 2 weeks or so... Anyways I have had a really rough week and I need to think of something happy so a list of things about me!
1. Half British 
2. I am Canadian 
3. I can speak my native language English, semi fluent French and basic Japanese
4. Trying to learn Korean, mandarin, and Tagalog 
5. I love music
6. I love movies
7. Big fan of photography
8. A good student
9. My best friend is Chinese/Icelandic mix
10. And I love writing.

Most of these you know but I figure I needed to say them.
If you want to know more contact me by email or leave a comment below.
If you also have more ideas for new posts the same things apply.
As always I love you guys and ciao!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

A Poem from Me to You

I wrote this poem just a couple of days ago during a tense class where a guy was being an uneducated  a$$. I just tried to ignore it but I needed to write so I wrote about economics... Fun, huh?

"A need for greed
Is like the need for speed.
Everything done quick and with one small trick!
We whip out the cash
But don't be rash!
We need to keep the economy clean
Or do we consult the writers of Maclean?
Investing: saint or sin
Is like asking "water or gin?"
When did we get so dirty,
In our scumbag society?
With killers and crooks,
all playing their kings and rooks.
A downturn from civilization to downright industrialization."

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Contemplations from a Grey Place

I have not been in the best of spirits lately, hence little to no postings but that does not mean I do not love  you  guys!
Today's post is just kind of a list of things that have occurred and maybe occasionally an explanation of why I am a sour puss.
So lets begin!
1. Biology class... Stupid tests
2. The guy I like is lovey dovey with another girl... She is a total bitch!!!!!!!
3. I am sick with a cold that just won't go away!
4. I couldn't talk to you guys!
5. I was not able to go on a trip To Japan that I was really looking forward to, due to massive amounts of school work
6. I am dead tired
And 7. I am being pressured into being something I don't want to be due to limited career options...

So I hope I wasn't much of a Debby Downer.... But I really needed to get that off my chest...
Love you guys and ciao!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sorry for Long Delays!

The reason I have not posted for a while is because of school... Terrible excuse, I know, but true nonetheless! I am extremely sorry for not even posting on Google Plus that I was taking a hiatus but now I am back so it doesn't matter. So, I decided, as I always do, to tell you guys what I have been doing the past couple(?) weeks.
1. School
2. Getting my drivers liscence! 
3. Homework :(
4. Watching YouTube
5. Sleeping
And 6. Getting ready for my volunteer position at the end of this month at We Day

If you do not know what We day is I suggest you read one of my earlier posts where is discuss how I was invited to this event and what it was for. I am really looking forward to this and I hope they will allow me to take pictures to post so you can all have a look.

Somehow when I was writing this I thought this would be a lot longer... Oh well.

Love you guys and as always see you later! 
Ps. This is my dog Molly! Ain't she the fricken best?!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back From the Woods, Gangnam Style and Back to School Jitters

Hi everyone, I am back from the woods and I was not mauled by a bear, I am glad to say!
There are 3 topics that I really want to touch today: 1. that I am back from the woods, 2. a music video that has gone viral with over 100,000,000 views and 3. I am going back to school for my impending grade eleven year.
 Part 1. My Trip
Basic synopsis: A lot better than expected!
Why!: I thought I was going to die.
My trip was in fact only 2 days, we over estimated the length of our days and the trail length. An issue however that we had was that we ran out of water in the last 2 hours of hiking with about 8 km left of the trail and their was no potable(drinkable) water in sight. Of course we boiled the water so we could drink it but we encountered extremely iron rich water that would most likely make our sensitive tums to mush. So we drank from one lake and then booked it to Wasagaming, which was an old Prisoners of War camp, that we have in Canada, that has now been converted into a national park. After getting out of the bush as I said I went to Wasagaming, but we did not stay we just went to visit my family who owns 2 gift shops, 1 restraunt, the movie theater and a  cabin resort there. We were by this point severly dehyrated and when we showed up in town we looked like we had been savaged by nature, which we had. After visiting family for 20 minutes we headed to the grocery store picked up a Pepsi for me and a 7-Up for my dad ( side note: my dad would not stop bringing up that it was hot and it would be a perfect time for a pepsi.... needless to say I needed one!) and then headed to Subway for a foot long sweet onion chicken teriyaki on honey oat (with a large coke!) and off we went back home on the way back to Winnipeg.
High lights I have not mentioned:
1. A guy on a motorized scooter was driving in an illegal fashion on the road
2. Saw a moose
3. Ate a lot of things I thought I never would and ever want to again... (i.e spam)
4. Heard moose mating sounds that sounded like the Jurasic Park sound effects
and 5. Got cuddled by a toxic caterpillar

Part 2. PSY's Gangnam Style
I you haven't already watched the video I suggest you do, it is thouroughly hilarious and will make it a lot easier to follow what I am about to say.
Gangnam Style is a song that was released in South Korea by South Korean PSY. The song talks about a district in Seoul that is well known to be quite rich and does a comparison on the typical Korean work life experience. The video, unless you are not into Korean culture, just looks humerous however there is meaning behind the scenes portrayed.
Gangnam Style is currently ranked #1 on youtube Canada's music trends and has had over 100,000,000 views so far. For further insight into Gangnam Style I reccomend clicking the post before this for a more detailed analysis.

And Part 3. The most boring part
I am going back to school tomorrow and I don't know if you know but I am going into my second last year of high school and I am dreading it. I have signed up for driver's ed so I am also going to be really busy with that so I hope you guys will not lynch me when I say that posts may be irregular...

I am tuckered out from typing so much...
I love you guys and I will talk to you guys later!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


So the title practically says it all I am going into the wilderness...
Yes, I know, Kaitlynn, the most awkward teen on the planet (or the most self centered one... either one!) is going into the woods. I bet you are wondering what has compelled me to go into the woods with my dad for 3 days backpacking and I will tell you, I AM SO BORED!!!!!
I feel that being chased by a bear and eaten by bugs is a more suitable pass time ( much more entertaining as well) then sitting in my room with nothing to do or watching Honey Boo Boo ( a reality show).
I like the wilderness as well so it is not like this is painful for me but there are many people who doubt I will come back alive.
I will assure you however that I am going to come back and in one piece and when I come back I will write about all that occurred  so until then I love you and will talk to you later.

So cute! Photo from

P.S. If I do get eaten by a bear like many assume will happen just know that your reading has made me the erson I am today and that you know that you guys are huge inspirations to me to continue doing what I am doing.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Massive Amounts of Annoyance

.... I am very pissed. Short and simple. Not because my friends will not escape air conditioning, not because school will be starting and definitely not because my grandparents are breathing down my neck... Scratch that all of the above.
But the reason I am extreme pissed right now is genuinely because of my grand-parental units. They have been visiting for 7 days now and I don't honestly know why I want them gone. I only see them 2-4 times a year but I WANT THEM GONE!!!!
Don't get me wrong I love them but their racist, thats right I said RACIST, attitudes are annoying me to death.
It would all be simpler I I could hit the mute button! God dammit I hate racism . It honestly is the stupidest thing ever,. Correction any demeaning behavior is deplorable!
Sorry I have to stop here but I would like to keep everything in one price as I am about to turn into the incredible Hulk soon!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Random Blog For A Random Day

So I am going to be honest, I am completely shattered with woe because I have no idea what to do with myself... I am currently going into my second last year of high school although I am on break right now and I don't know what I want to do with my life. I like blogging that won't change but I keep thinking " University... Damn that's to close! Fudge nuggets!". So my question to you and I guess the future is what the hell am I going to do?!?
As you can tell I am in a bit of a tizzy, and not quite sure what I am doing in my youth. I figured that since this is one of the many things we, as teenagers and adults, worry a lot about I am going to address the seriousness of the action-reaction effect and how it affects us in our daily lives.
Action-reaction is a scientific phenomenon in chemistry. For every action there is an equal or greater reaction.
Ex. I add baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to vinegar(an acid) causing a reaction of foam to spill over the beaker.
This concept as stated before can be applied to the reactions of behavior . A great example is the Buddhist and Hindu belief of Karma: you do good good things good things come to you, you do bad things bad things happen to you.
Ex. I run someone over with my Chevy SUV I go to jail for manslaughter.
The connection, finally to my present situation not unlike the action-reaction effect. My biggest concern is whether or not I am setting my self up with the mandatory requirements for me to go onto post-secondary education ands whether or not these classes are conducive to me and my future career .
So yeah I am just a tad( VERY) stressed and people around me are certainly not making it easier but I must trudge on! Thanks for reading this I hope that this was not too too whiny an that of you feel the same that you know that you are not alone!
As always if you questions, comments, conversation or ideas leave me comments below and or email me!
Love you guys and ciao!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Face Feels Weird....

Recently, I have been trying to improve the quality of skin. I did so by purchasing a exfoliating scrub thing( its pink and rubber with little brushies) and today a mask that rubs on and takes away dirt. Problem with this mask: I look like the sludge monster from Scooby-Doo. Sure it smells great but I can't walk around the house in fear of people screaming. I have had it on for 5 minutes and I am really scared someone will see me... And my face feel really tight.
10 mins after putting on the mask
Peeling, peeling!~ it's my peeling song!
15 mins after putting the mask on
Still peeling
20 mins after putting on the mask
Damn, when will this thing come off!!!!???!!!
30 mins after putting mask on
Why won't this come off my chin? I have a nice Confucius beard going on...
40 mins after putting mask on
It's off!!!!!!!!
So now my skin feels really clean? I guess it mostly feels like when you have a sun burn and you have the new skin exposed... Light but odd you know?

In conclusion for a $2 buck purchase (CDN $) this mask works really well. It's only the travel size though so... Yeah. It was odd and I hope it makes my skin look good!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

After Exam Party

 My favorite youtube videos to celebrate the end of the school year and to thank you guys for your huge support. Enjoy!!

 Shimmy the Pink Kangaroo
A Funny video in general
Walk off the Earth cover of Somebody I Used To Know
Canadian Please!
First World Problems


Thursday, 31 May 2012

My (SHORT) List of Phobias

My friends and I spend our down time at school coming up with ways to entertain ourselves. To pass the time we usually play games. Recently we have chosen a classic; truth or dare: would you rather. To say the very least interesting questions were asked.

Whenever my turn came up I would answer truth... All the truths made me eventually turn to dares because they were were much tamer.
Anyways one of the questions I was asked was "what is your greatest fear and why?". It took me only a split second to think of it. But then it had me thinking if there were any more things I was scared of so I compiled a list. So here are my top 5 fears!

5. Crowded or closed off places
4. Drowning
3. Being alone
2. Puppets
1. Burning to death in a fire

The story behind all of these fears are each very long so I will spare some space.
Since I shared my most inner fears I want to hear yours and if your comfortable how you deal with that fear.
I love you all and will talk later. Ciao!!!!!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

May Long Nightmare

I am not sure about in other parts of the world but in North America, we have extended weekends sometimes during the summer, and in may this first extended weekend marks the official start of camping season. I go camping during the summer so this was a really good thing... However, mayhem strikes.
I was having a lovely Saturday, that was great but Sunday... Damn Sunday screwed with me.
My guy friend who I have known since birth and have loved since I was 8 brought his girlfriend to the lake. I normally would not have minded that he was dating someone because it is none of my business but she shares my name. Yeah that's right we have the same name. So I am a little devastated that he's dating someone, fine. She's pretty, that stings. Has the same name? NOT COOL!!!
I had also brought S down to hang out but she and I both underwent the cold treatment from this girlfriend... S was not impressed.
Sorry for ranting. I just needed to blow some steam. The "girlfriend" I just a touchy subject and this was kind of a pain. That, and I needed to post cuz I was going stir crazy!
I love you guys! BYE

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I have wanted to do a section on this for a while so for readers who do not like Korean wave or just don't know what it is listen in close... It is really good and should not be knocked!
I will be honest and say that kpop is not for everyone and it certainly was not for me at the beginning, but it grew on me.
Warning: kpop turns people into squealing fan girls/boys
My intro to Korean Wave was when I was in middle school to a band called Big Bang. I really liked the song and my Korean friends were trying to convert me on the spot. However I have learnt that one must not be forced into things and I soon rejected flower boys( term for cute/ innocent looking boys) to pursue a darker and much more gothic next year or so.
My second introduction was when I was listening to a friend of mine's ipod, her name will be known as C, and all I can remember her asking me what my fav. band was. *C, for all her quietness, is extremely obsessed with Koreans.*
Anyways I told her that I really like Super Junior, which was true( I had only listened to a song 2 years prior), to which she suggested variety shows on them. To be honest the whole sub culture to kpop is really cool. Kpop can easily be classified as boy bands/girl bands, but in fact they are more like actors, singers, dancers, MC's and poster children. And that variety show really showed a deeper insight into the culture.
Super junior was my first real door into Kpop and I really recommend listening to them but my new favs are Big Bang (of course :p), B2ST and SHINee.
If you are interested in kpop check out or leave comments below so that I may answer them in a future blog.
Happy In Peace

Friday, 4 May 2012

1 year anniversary

So, I missed the 1 year anniversary day in which I started this blog, but better late then never! I guess to be honest my best piece was Deer Flies and Late Nights was my first big hit.
I don't want to be one of those people who brings up all of their best moments cuz I would be lying in saying life is that perfect, but you guys have made this year really special.
In celebrating this year of magical times I am getting my hair highlighted so I will show you and I promise to start uploading more often.
I would also like to hear from all my faithful readers and my new ones as well. Another momentous thing, I have viewers from all over the world! Yay!

So over this next year I am going to bring in interesting elements as well as longer blogs. Wait for the magic that this new year of blogging brings!
I love you all, and will write later!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Newest Blogger: Makeover Edition

I am sorry I haven't posted anything but I have bee busy with looking at YouTube. And don't get me wrong I like posting to you guys but I am thinking of spicing it up a bit. If you have any ideas, comments and love for this blog send them to me on twitter at @Kcoolkat24 or at my email Love you guys and will find more material for late posts!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Music 2.1

So I have realized( with assistance from S of course) that my taste in music is quite bizarre...
When I was 12 I used to listen to heavy/gothic/punk, like Slip Knot or Marilyn Manson. Then I went through a faze that consisted of Holiday songs, like Jingle Bells and Dominic the Donkey. I then went through a techno faze. After that more Manson. Now a days I lean towards alternative, some classical and singer song writer. The weird thing is that if I was to put a playlist together everyone, I mean EVERYONE, would be able to find something they like. S in particular often questions some of my selection (only my hard core metal. She doesn't like that stuff. I.E Slip Knot).
So if any of you like music I would to hear what you have in terms of tastes.

Friday, 24 February 2012

The Duality Complex

So it has been awhile and here are 3 reasons(more like excuses):
1. Filling in my student form for school(very difficult)
2. American history projects
And finally 3. Learning about dual citizenship.
I have now discovered from my mother that I am eligible to get dual citizenship for Britain. Now my conundrum is that if I do, apparently if( a strong if) I get into serious legal issues in Britain, Canada can't swoop in like Captain Canuck( the Canadian version of Captain America. He has a maple leaf on his costume!) and his ass saving ways. To me this is terrifying...
I want it. But I don't want it. I want it. I don't want it...
You get the picture.
So besides my introverted days spent doing homework I have been well and I hope all of you are doing great!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Junk food blues...

I have had a massive craving for chocolate and carbohydrates... I think I could annihilate 40 muffins and bagels I am that peeved. But it's okay! Cuz I'm a ninja!( not sure owns this but it's is not mine. I suck at drawing)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

"Cheese, Gromet"

I have been absent for awhile I know, however not without reason.
1. Exams
2. Getting ready for my next semester
3. Writing poetry
4. Dying via cheese

A very unfortunate thing in my life. I love cheese but cheese doesn't like me. Up until now my lactose intolerance wasn't to bad. However recently my old affliction has come back with cruel severity.
To you it must be ass busting funny.
To quote Ricky Gervais in the movie Ghost Town, "It's like a terrorist attack down there. All the running and screaming."
Very unpleasant.
So I have been cut off. Very similar to the time I went without my Caffine. Dramatic on all sides.
So sorry I haven't been posting I have just had a very rough couple days. Posting should be more regular now so no worries.
I will talk to you guys later as I try to persuade myself not to give up cheese entirely...

Thursday, 26 January 2012


I really want muffins! My mom is currently on a "diet" and we have nothing, NOTHING, in the house that even resembles my favorite food! MUFFINS! Why'fore art thou a cruel and heartless (tasty) bitch?!
I am very disturbed by this reality that I have resorted to the puppy dog look to my friends hoping, very hard, that they will cave. But they don't.
So now I am very sad...
I have also been rather stressed so sorry for not posting.
I am now going to have a nap, cuz I am tuckered out...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Epic Fail Cake

So it has been a couple days dice I posted and here is why. Running. Yes everyone I said the "r" word. This was also a horrifying experience. I can handle running. Heck, sometimes I like it, however, when know you have sinned it is bad. The epic fail cake. Or TEFC.
TEFC was the creation my friends and I baked for S's birthday. Someone forgot to put Pam spray so it wouldn't stick( cough T cough). When we tried to get it out of the pan half of the cake, parts of the cake is a better description and ended up looking like dirt hills. The crew(as they will now be nicknamed) decided that the was in N's words "not too sketchy". How is something not to too sketchy?!
So to my utter horror they began to decorate it. Many thought it was the north pole during the summer. I personally thought it was gingerbread men/women grave yard. No joke. As soon as the "masterpiece" TEFC was done its makeover( surgery as they called it. It looked more like an autopsy not gonna lie), they deemed it edible. P and I looked on with distrust as this was a lot of cake, and it didn't really look edible...
But we ate it. And it was weird...
Not weird in the gross weird way, but very sad in the sense that T pointed out the fact that it could be a fire hazard. We were very scared. That kind of weird.
I have never been more reluctant to sit by S then at the moment she blew out the candles. One of them fell over in mid blow and we freaked.
So the moral of the story is to use Pam because then you can avoid fires and eating to much cake.
P.S. We all got hyper and they accused me of slipping hash in there. I didn't just in case your wondering. It was the birthday wish thingermajig.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Living in Winnipeg

Today I am going to switch it up. I am going to tell you the perks of Winnipeg, some facts and my favorite places in Winnipeg.
So to start off, perks!
1. Not a lot of traffic
2. A largish city(nothing like Vancouver)
3. Nice bike paths
4. Crap load of trees
5. History
6. We are growing in population
7. Good job opportunities
8. Folkorama( la awesome!)
10. Home of the Canadian Human Rights Museum( opening 2014)

1. Home of the longest recorded skating rink in the world( out door)
2. Home of woman's rights ( yeah that's right y'all we know you want to thank us)
3. Louis Riel, an activist in the 18th century, was a Metis man and fought for our right to being bilingual and to accept Canada's French heritage. Manitoba born and bred.
4. Slurpee capital of the world
5. Absolute dead center of north America.

And lastly places I like in my home town!
1. Assiniboine park
2. McNally Robinson
3. Chapters-Indigo
4. The Forks Market
5. The comic book store on Academy road
6. Tim Hortons
7. Jeanie's Bakery
8. MTS center
9. Millennium library
10. St. Boniface (the French distract)

Well I hope if any of you found any of this interesting you will check out Winnipeg, because it is really worth a look at. I really love it and I hope you do too!

Thursday, 5 January 2012


I am very upset. I will tell you why I am upset. Canada and Russia competed against each other a couple days ago and I can't help but to feel angst.
I love hockey and the fact that my team, my country, the inventors of hockey, lost!
Granted I was rather conflicted.
Russia is my second favorite national team however I, by patriotism, cheer for Canada.
I mean it is our game! We have pawned everyone we played so far, until Russia.
We were doing so well and then suddenly our guys decided to take a break and the strong and admirable Russian team pull ahead!
This is very reminiscent of the Belarus vs Sweden game that was held in Winnipeg in 2010. Everyone was cheering for Sweden, and me Belarus.
Very sad.
So I have been sulking for a few days...
Good game Russia, good game...
We will beat you in the finals! ( if we qualify)

Monday, 2 January 2012


Happy New Year everyone! 2012 has decided to grace us with her most wonderful presence and the start of the new year could not start off any better than with a post. As Far as I am concerned my posting regularity should stay the same, although it is erratic bear with me as I assure you that it is never my intention to stop writing. I would also like to thank you all for you all for reading my blog and for your time. Now that we have all that sorted I would like to move on with today's theme and that would be ice. Be warned this is a really long post and you may not be accustomed to it because it is usually 300 words min.,today it will more than likely be 1000. Today, I went ice skating with my best friend and it was really pleasant, despite chilly chins and cold butts. We rented skates for my friend and I got out the skates I asked for the holiday season. When we got to The Forks (a historic park in Winnipeg), we went into a very crowded room full of 200 other people wishing to skate and 2 rather grouchy skate guys. As we got to the counter the guy demanded for my friends shoes, took her shoes, took her $4.50 for the skates, grabbed a pair of figure skates and handed them to my friend. Aghast, she gave the man the skates and asked for hockey skates. My friend, it must be noted, has always worn hockey skates so when the man assumed that she would wear something she would call "skates from hell" she felt some angst. My friend, it must also be noted, is rather quiet and says more with action then words, was quite flummoxed by the whole ordeal, so I took charge. Once we had the skate drama fixed we put on the skates and headed out for the chilly January air. When we first stepped on the ice it was really choppy and I was almost run over by a really tall hockey player like dude and I thought I would crap myself because I almost fell not even 2 seconds on the ice. I recovered and after 2 minutes we moved onto more complicated terrain. Walking up stairs with skates is not a good idea, and should not be repeated by anyone else unless there is railing. Once back on a trail, my BFF S and I went across a bridge where we were again assaulted by other, much better skaters. Once across the bridge we began uphill(not smart) to the right, past a small sewage smelling tank, down hill where me and S freaked out because we didn't know how to slow down or stop and came back to the bridge. On sturdy land we skated decently. We did this for about 40 mins, before we headed back to the ice rink about the equivalent of a kiddy pool so S could re-adjust her skates. Once her skates were once against on we skated for another 20 minutes before our chilled bums got the better of us. So we headed back to the skate place where their was even more people. We tried to find chairs but they were all occupied so we ended up standing on one foot(skate) trying hard to stay balanced and trying not to slice ourselves or anyone else on our skates. We received lots of glares from people because we were making a large to do, but others were just laughing... Cold we scurried along to wait in line for our kidnapped shoes and promptly headed to a cafe in the park where I picked up tea and S bought juice to pamper herself. We then walked around aimlessly and without purpose until we ran out of places to walk so we called my dad who then picked us up. So there is my ice story. It was rather lengthy but I decided to tell you because I ended up pissing off a lot of people, encountered some hockey players from the Jets( if only I saw Burmistrov...), couldn't stop so I ran into some Asian couple who glared at me and muttered in Korean, and S almost fell down the river bank towards the not so frozen Red river. Very eventful. On that note I love Y'all and hope that you can share some "winter" or any season stories of your own. Ciao!