Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Epic Fail Cake

So it has been a couple days dice I posted and here is why. Running. Yes everyone I said the "r" word. This was also a horrifying experience. I can handle running. Heck, sometimes I like it, however, when know you have sinned it is bad. The epic fail cake. Or TEFC.
TEFC was the creation my friends and I baked for S's birthday. Someone forgot to put Pam spray so it wouldn't stick( cough T cough). When we tried to get it out of the pan half of the cake, parts of the cake is a better description and ended up looking like dirt hills. The crew(as they will now be nicknamed) decided that the was in N's words "not too sketchy". How is something not to too sketchy?!
So to my utter horror they began to decorate it. Many thought it was the north pole during the summer. I personally thought it was gingerbread men/women grave yard. No joke. As soon as the "masterpiece" TEFC was done its makeover( surgery as they called it. It looked more like an autopsy not gonna lie), they deemed it edible. P and I looked on with distrust as this was a lot of cake, and it didn't really look edible...
But we ate it. And it was weird...
Not weird in the gross weird way, but very sad in the sense that T pointed out the fact that it could be a fire hazard. We were very scared. That kind of weird.
I have never been more reluctant to sit by S then at the moment she blew out the candles. One of them fell over in mid blow and we freaked.
So the moral of the story is to use Pam because then you can avoid fires and eating to much cake.
P.S. We all got hyper and they accused me of slipping hash in there. I didn't just in case your wondering. It was the birthday wish thingermajig.

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