Thursday, 5 January 2012


I am very upset. I will tell you why I am upset. Canada and Russia competed against each other a couple days ago and I can't help but to feel angst.
I love hockey and the fact that my team, my country, the inventors of hockey, lost!
Granted I was rather conflicted.
Russia is my second favorite national team however I, by patriotism, cheer for Canada.
I mean it is our game! We have pawned everyone we played so far, until Russia.
We were doing so well and then suddenly our guys decided to take a break and the strong and admirable Russian team pull ahead!
This is very reminiscent of the Belarus vs Sweden game that was held in Winnipeg in 2010. Everyone was cheering for Sweden, and me Belarus.
Very sad.
So I have been sulking for a few days...
Good game Russia, good game...
We will beat you in the finals! ( if we qualify)

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