Monday, 2 January 2012


Happy New Year everyone! 2012 has decided to grace us with her most wonderful presence and the start of the new year could not start off any better than with a post. As Far as I am concerned my posting regularity should stay the same, although it is erratic bear with me as I assure you that it is never my intention to stop writing. I would also like to thank you all for you all for reading my blog and for your time. Now that we have all that sorted I would like to move on with today's theme and that would be ice. Be warned this is a really long post and you may not be accustomed to it because it is usually 300 words min.,today it will more than likely be 1000. Today, I went ice skating with my best friend and it was really pleasant, despite chilly chins and cold butts. We rented skates for my friend and I got out the skates I asked for the holiday season. When we got to The Forks (a historic park in Winnipeg), we went into a very crowded room full of 200 other people wishing to skate and 2 rather grouchy skate guys. As we got to the counter the guy demanded for my friends shoes, took her shoes, took her $4.50 for the skates, grabbed a pair of figure skates and handed them to my friend. Aghast, she gave the man the skates and asked for hockey skates. My friend, it must be noted, has always worn hockey skates so when the man assumed that she would wear something she would call "skates from hell" she felt some angst. My friend, it must also be noted, is rather quiet and says more with action then words, was quite flummoxed by the whole ordeal, so I took charge. Once we had the skate drama fixed we put on the skates and headed out for the chilly January air. When we first stepped on the ice it was really choppy and I was almost run over by a really tall hockey player like dude and I thought I would crap myself because I almost fell not even 2 seconds on the ice. I recovered and after 2 minutes we moved onto more complicated terrain. Walking up stairs with skates is not a good idea, and should not be repeated by anyone else unless there is railing. Once back on a trail, my BFF S and I went across a bridge where we were again assaulted by other, much better skaters. Once across the bridge we began uphill(not smart) to the right, past a small sewage smelling tank, down hill where me and S freaked out because we didn't know how to slow down or stop and came back to the bridge. On sturdy land we skated decently. We did this for about 40 mins, before we headed back to the ice rink about the equivalent of a kiddy pool so S could re-adjust her skates. Once her skates were once against on we skated for another 20 minutes before our chilled bums got the better of us. So we headed back to the skate place where their was even more people. We tried to find chairs but they were all occupied so we ended up standing on one foot(skate) trying hard to stay balanced and trying not to slice ourselves or anyone else on our skates. We received lots of glares from people because we were making a large to do, but others were just laughing... Cold we scurried along to wait in line for our kidnapped shoes and promptly headed to a cafe in the park where I picked up tea and S bought juice to pamper herself. We then walked around aimlessly and without purpose until we ran out of places to walk so we called my dad who then picked us up. So there is my ice story. It was rather lengthy but I decided to tell you because I ended up pissing off a lot of people, encountered some hockey players from the Jets( if only I saw Burmistrov...), couldn't stop so I ran into some Asian couple who glared at me and muttered in Korean, and S almost fell down the river bank towards the not so frozen Red river. Very eventful. On that note I love Y'all and hope that you can share some "winter" or any season stories of your own. Ciao!

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