Friday, 13 January 2012

Living in Winnipeg

Today I am going to switch it up. I am going to tell you the perks of Winnipeg, some facts and my favorite places in Winnipeg.
So to start off, perks!
1. Not a lot of traffic
2. A largish city(nothing like Vancouver)
3. Nice bike paths
4. Crap load of trees
5. History
6. We are growing in population
7. Good job opportunities
8. Folkorama( la awesome!)
10. Home of the Canadian Human Rights Museum( opening 2014)

1. Home of the longest recorded skating rink in the world( out door)
2. Home of woman's rights ( yeah that's right y'all we know you want to thank us)
3. Louis Riel, an activist in the 18th century, was a Metis man and fought for our right to being bilingual and to accept Canada's French heritage. Manitoba born and bred.
4. Slurpee capital of the world
5. Absolute dead center of north America.

And lastly places I like in my home town!
1. Assiniboine park
2. McNally Robinson
3. Chapters-Indigo
4. The Forks Market
5. The comic book store on Academy road
6. Tim Hortons
7. Jeanie's Bakery
8. MTS center
9. Millennium library
10. St. Boniface (the French distract)

Well I hope if any of you found any of this interesting you will check out Winnipeg, because it is really worth a look at. I really love it and I hope you do too!

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