Sunday, 5 February 2012

"Cheese, Gromet"

I have been absent for awhile I know, however not without reason.
1. Exams
2. Getting ready for my next semester
3. Writing poetry
4. Dying via cheese

A very unfortunate thing in my life. I love cheese but cheese doesn't like me. Up until now my lactose intolerance wasn't to bad. However recently my old affliction has come back with cruel severity.
To you it must be ass busting funny.
To quote Ricky Gervais in the movie Ghost Town, "It's like a terrorist attack down there. All the running and screaming."
Very unpleasant.
So I have been cut off. Very similar to the time I went without my Caffine. Dramatic on all sides.
So sorry I haven't been posting I have just had a very rough couple days. Posting should be more regular now so no worries.
I will talk to you guys later as I try to persuade myself not to give up cheese entirely...

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