Thursday, 1 March 2012

Music 2.1

So I have realized( with assistance from S of course) that my taste in music is quite bizarre...
When I was 12 I used to listen to heavy/gothic/punk, like Slip Knot or Marilyn Manson. Then I went through a faze that consisted of Holiday songs, like Jingle Bells and Dominic the Donkey. I then went through a techno faze. After that more Manson. Now a days I lean towards alternative, some classical and singer song writer. The weird thing is that if I was to put a playlist together everyone, I mean EVERYONE, would be able to find something they like. S in particular often questions some of my selection (only my hard core metal. She doesn't like that stuff. I.E Slip Knot).
So if any of you like music I would to hear what you have in terms of tastes.

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