Thursday, 31 May 2012

My (SHORT) List of Phobias

My friends and I spend our down time at school coming up with ways to entertain ourselves. To pass the time we usually play games. Recently we have chosen a classic; truth or dare: would you rather. To say the very least interesting questions were asked.

Whenever my turn came up I would answer truth... All the truths made me eventually turn to dares because they were were much tamer.
Anyways one of the questions I was asked was "what is your greatest fear and why?". It took me only a split second to think of it. But then it had me thinking if there were any more things I was scared of so I compiled a list. So here are my top 5 fears!

5. Crowded or closed off places
4. Drowning
3. Being alone
2. Puppets
1. Burning to death in a fire

The story behind all of these fears are each very long so I will spare some space.
Since I shared my most inner fears I want to hear yours and if your comfortable how you deal with that fear.
I love you all and will talk later. Ciao!!!!!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

May Long Nightmare

I am not sure about in other parts of the world but in North America, we have extended weekends sometimes during the summer, and in may this first extended weekend marks the official start of camping season. I go camping during the summer so this was a really good thing... However, mayhem strikes.
I was having a lovely Saturday, that was great but Sunday... Damn Sunday screwed with me.
My guy friend who I have known since birth and have loved since I was 8 brought his girlfriend to the lake. I normally would not have minded that he was dating someone because it is none of my business but she shares my name. Yeah that's right we have the same name. So I am a little devastated that he's dating someone, fine. She's pretty, that stings. Has the same name? NOT COOL!!!
I had also brought S down to hang out but she and I both underwent the cold treatment from this girlfriend... S was not impressed.
Sorry for ranting. I just needed to blow some steam. The "girlfriend" I just a touchy subject and this was kind of a pain. That, and I needed to post cuz I was going stir crazy!
I love you guys! BYE

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I have wanted to do a section on this for a while so for readers who do not like Korean wave or just don't know what it is listen in close... It is really good and should not be knocked!
I will be honest and say that kpop is not for everyone and it certainly was not for me at the beginning, but it grew on me.
Warning: kpop turns people into squealing fan girls/boys
My intro to Korean Wave was when I was in middle school to a band called Big Bang. I really liked the song and my Korean friends were trying to convert me on the spot. However I have learnt that one must not be forced into things and I soon rejected flower boys( term for cute/ innocent looking boys) to pursue a darker and much more gothic next year or so.
My second introduction was when I was listening to a friend of mine's ipod, her name will be known as C, and all I can remember her asking me what my fav. band was. *C, for all her quietness, is extremely obsessed with Koreans.*
Anyways I told her that I really like Super Junior, which was true( I had only listened to a song 2 years prior), to which she suggested variety shows on them. To be honest the whole sub culture to kpop is really cool. Kpop can easily be classified as boy bands/girl bands, but in fact they are more like actors, singers, dancers, MC's and poster children. And that variety show really showed a deeper insight into the culture.
Super junior was my first real door into Kpop and I really recommend listening to them but my new favs are Big Bang (of course :p), B2ST and SHINee.
If you are interested in kpop check out or leave comments below so that I may answer them in a future blog.
Happy In Peace

Friday, 4 May 2012

1 year anniversary

So, I missed the 1 year anniversary day in which I started this blog, but better late then never! I guess to be honest my best piece was Deer Flies and Late Nights was my first big hit.
I don't want to be one of those people who brings up all of their best moments cuz I would be lying in saying life is that perfect, but you guys have made this year really special.
In celebrating this year of magical times I am getting my hair highlighted so I will show you and I promise to start uploading more often.
I would also like to hear from all my faithful readers and my new ones as well. Another momentous thing, I have viewers from all over the world! Yay!

So over this next year I am going to bring in interesting elements as well as longer blogs. Wait for the magic that this new year of blogging brings!
I love you all, and will write later!