Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I have wanted to do a section on this for a while so for readers who do not like Korean wave or just don't know what it is listen in close... It is really good and should not be knocked!
I will be honest and say that kpop is not for everyone and it certainly was not for me at the beginning, but it grew on me.
Warning: kpop turns people into squealing fan girls/boys
My intro to Korean Wave was when I was in middle school to a band called Big Bang. I really liked the song and my Korean friends were trying to convert me on the spot. However I have learnt that one must not be forced into things and I soon rejected flower boys( term for cute/ innocent looking boys) to pursue a darker and much more gothic next year or so.
My second introduction was when I was listening to a friend of mine's ipod, her name will be known as C, and all I can remember her asking me what my fav. band was. *C, for all her quietness, is extremely obsessed with Koreans.*
Anyways I told her that I really like Super Junior, which was true( I had only listened to a song 2 years prior), to which she suggested variety shows on them. To be honest the whole sub culture to kpop is really cool. Kpop can easily be classified as boy bands/girl bands, but in fact they are more like actors, singers, dancers, MC's and poster children. And that variety show really showed a deeper insight into the culture.
Super junior was my first real door into Kpop and I really recommend listening to them but my new favs are Big Bang (of course :p), B2ST and SHINee.
If you are interested in kpop check out EatYourKimchi.com or leave comments below so that I may answer them in a future blog.
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