Monday, 21 May 2012

May Long Nightmare

I am not sure about in other parts of the world but in North America, we have extended weekends sometimes during the summer, and in may this first extended weekend marks the official start of camping season. I go camping during the summer so this was a really good thing... However, mayhem strikes.
I was having a lovely Saturday, that was great but Sunday... Damn Sunday screwed with me.
My guy friend who I have known since birth and have loved since I was 8 brought his girlfriend to the lake. I normally would not have minded that he was dating someone because it is none of my business but she shares my name. Yeah that's right we have the same name. So I am a little devastated that he's dating someone, fine. She's pretty, that stings. Has the same name? NOT COOL!!!
I had also brought S down to hang out but she and I both underwent the cold treatment from this girlfriend... S was not impressed.
Sorry for ranting. I just needed to blow some steam. The "girlfriend" I just a touchy subject and this was kind of a pain. That, and I needed to post cuz I was going stir crazy!
I love you guys! BYE

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