Thursday, 31 May 2012

My (SHORT) List of Phobias

My friends and I spend our down time at school coming up with ways to entertain ourselves. To pass the time we usually play games. Recently we have chosen a classic; truth or dare: would you rather. To say the very least interesting questions were asked.

Whenever my turn came up I would answer truth... All the truths made me eventually turn to dares because they were were much tamer.
Anyways one of the questions I was asked was "what is your greatest fear and why?". It took me only a split second to think of it. But then it had me thinking if there were any more things I was scared of so I compiled a list. So here are my top 5 fears!

5. Crowded or closed off places
4. Drowning
3. Being alone
2. Puppets
1. Burning to death in a fire

The story behind all of these fears are each very long so I will spare some space.
Since I shared my most inner fears I want to hear yours and if your comfortable how you deal with that fear.
I love you all and will talk later. Ciao!!!!!!

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