Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back From the Woods, Gangnam Style and Back to School Jitters

Hi everyone, I am back from the woods and I was not mauled by a bear, I am glad to say!
There are 3 topics that I really want to touch today: 1. that I am back from the woods, 2. a music video that has gone viral with over 100,000,000 views and 3. I am going back to school for my impending grade eleven year.
 Part 1. My Trip
Basic synopsis: A lot better than expected!
Why!: I thought I was going to die.
My trip was in fact only 2 days, we over estimated the length of our days and the trail length. An issue however that we had was that we ran out of water in the last 2 hours of hiking with about 8 km left of the trail and their was no potable(drinkable) water in sight. Of course we boiled the water so we could drink it but we encountered extremely iron rich water that would most likely make our sensitive tums to mush. So we drank from one lake and then booked it to Wasagaming, which was an old Prisoners of War camp, that we have in Canada, that has now been converted into a national park. After getting out of the bush as I said I went to Wasagaming, but we did not stay we just went to visit my family who owns 2 gift shops, 1 restraunt, the movie theater and a  cabin resort there. We were by this point severly dehyrated and when we showed up in town we looked like we had been savaged by nature, which we had. After visiting family for 20 minutes we headed to the grocery store picked up a Pepsi for me and a 7-Up for my dad ( side note: my dad would not stop bringing up that it was hot and it would be a perfect time for a pepsi.... needless to say I needed one!) and then headed to Subway for a foot long sweet onion chicken teriyaki on honey oat (with a large coke!) and off we went back home on the way back to Winnipeg.
High lights I have not mentioned:
1. A guy on a motorized scooter was driving in an illegal fashion on the road
2. Saw a moose
3. Ate a lot of things I thought I never would and ever want to again... (i.e spam)
4. Heard moose mating sounds that sounded like the Jurasic Park sound effects
and 5. Got cuddled by a toxic caterpillar

Part 2. PSY's Gangnam Style
I you haven't already watched the video I suggest you do, it is thouroughly hilarious and will make it a lot easier to follow what I am about to say.
Gangnam Style is a song that was released in South Korea by South Korean PSY. The song talks about a district in Seoul that is well known to be quite rich and does a comparison on the typical Korean work life experience. The video, unless you are not into Korean culture, just looks humerous however there is meaning behind the scenes portrayed.
Gangnam Style is currently ranked #1 on youtube Canada's music trends and has had over 100,000,000 views so far. For further insight into Gangnam Style I reccomend clicking the post before this for a more detailed analysis.

And Part 3. The most boring part
I am going back to school tomorrow and I don't know if you know but I am going into my second last year of high school and I am dreading it. I have signed up for driver's ed so I am also going to be really busy with that so I hope you guys will not lynch me when I say that posts may be irregular...

I am tuckered out from typing so much...
I love you guys and I will talk to you guys later!

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