Thursday, 18 October 2012

A Poem from Me to You

I wrote this poem just a couple of days ago during a tense class where a guy was being an uneducated  a$$. I just tried to ignore it but I needed to write so I wrote about economics... Fun, huh?

"A need for greed
Is like the need for speed.
Everything done quick and with one small trick!
We whip out the cash
But don't be rash!
We need to keep the economy clean
Or do we consult the writers of Maclean?
Investing: saint or sin
Is like asking "water or gin?"
When did we get so dirty,
In our scumbag society?
With killers and crooks,
all playing their kings and rooks.
A downturn from civilization to downright industrialization."

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Contemplations from a Grey Place

I have not been in the best of spirits lately, hence little to no postings but that does not mean I do not love  you  guys!
Today's post is just kind of a list of things that have occurred and maybe occasionally an explanation of why I am a sour puss.
So lets begin!
1. Biology class... Stupid tests
2. The guy I like is lovey dovey with another girl... She is a total bitch!!!!!!!
3. I am sick with a cold that just won't go away!
4. I couldn't talk to you guys!
5. I was not able to go on a trip To Japan that I was really looking forward to, due to massive amounts of school work
6. I am dead tired
And 7. I am being pressured into being something I don't want to be due to limited career options...

So I hope I wasn't much of a Debby Downer.... But I really needed to get that off my chest...
Love you guys and ciao!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sorry for Long Delays!

The reason I have not posted for a while is because of school... Terrible excuse, I know, but true nonetheless! I am extremely sorry for not even posting on Google Plus that I was taking a hiatus but now I am back so it doesn't matter. So, I decided, as I always do, to tell you guys what I have been doing the past couple(?) weeks.
1. School
2. Getting my drivers liscence! 
3. Homework :(
4. Watching YouTube
5. Sleeping
And 6. Getting ready for my volunteer position at the end of this month at We Day

If you do not know what We day is I suggest you read one of my earlier posts where is discuss how I was invited to this event and what it was for. I am really looking forward to this and I hope they will allow me to take pictures to post so you can all have a look.

Somehow when I was writing this I thought this would be a lot longer... Oh well.

Love you guys and as always see you later! 
Ps. This is my dog Molly! Ain't she the fricken best?!