Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The U. S of A

I love this country. The people are nice. But somethings I don't understand.
1. Alcohol: you can buy the the stuff practically everywhere yet the drinking age here is 21.... Uh...
2. Guns: you can also buy these anywhere...
3. Taxes: the amount of taxes Americans pay on their clothes, property, etc. is sick! In Canada everything that you touch is taxed!
4. The news: everyday on the news there is some new death, accident or political drama. In Canada we don't get that.
5. Medical ads!! Those things are terrifying! Every symptom you try to help it seems that death and even worse side effects follow and can even make your condition a lot worse.
6. The amount of lawyers and doctors: pretty self explanatory
7. Tea: tea sucks here
8. Food is okay here
And 9. Entertainment: AWESOME

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