Monday, 1 April 2013

Ummm.... What the Heck!?

So funny story... I am in Florida at the moment and I have been here for a week and I have seen some pretty weird things, this was the most hilarious/terrifying. We went to an open flea market on Saturday, which was pretty fun, but within the first 5 mins I was already questioning if I should run back to Canada. I at first heard a deafening "SCHREEECH" and I turned to my dad with a horrified face. "Dad. Was that a taser?" I asked my dad. We both look at the stall in which the sound came from and indeed, it was a taser. The taser was bad enough but it had the most uneducated looking 50 year old I have ever seen. He was a 100% genuine red neck, which in my experience is not good when they handle weapons and or something that could be turned into a weapon. Combine this lovely gem of a hick with the taser it's bad enough but add the 6 beer cans sitting empty beside him and about 6 others left to go it was terrifying. And this was all before 12:00 pm.
Yup, so that was fun....

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