Wednesday, 10 April 2013

We Are Silent for Human Rights

You guys probably don't know this my I am a huge advocate for human rights equality and rights to clean water, education, food, shelter, etc. and one of my favourite organizations that combines all those beliefs is the Free The Children and Me to We campaigns both run by Marc and Craig Kielburger. These Craig started the foundation when he was 12 because of the assassination of 12 year old Iqbal who was speaking out against human rights violations against children in the world. Craig was empowered by this and worked with his school community all the way to the international community and has helped many villages with the brick to brick program.
This year I have decided to stay silent for 24 hours, in order to spread awareness of the human rights atrocities that occur in this world and how the victims cannot even speak out. By doing this on a wide scale we hope to make impact and show that although a voice is powerful, so can silence.
Thank you and I hope that you guys spread the word to your friends and if like me you support this cause, stay silent along with me!
P.S the actual day of silence is on the 18 of April. If you want more information or to get more involved, go to

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