Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Holy S#^t! I hate exercise

I often have these moments of "I need to be healthy" and I work out and diet but it only seems to last until I loose about 5 pounds before I give up. It is actually quite sad because I want to be healthy but I have a lot of excuses why not to do it. I say I hate exercise in the title but what I really is what happens to me when I work out...
I am not pretty when I work out. I do not glisten and I certainly don't smell great, I am unfortunate because I turn red. Not a pinky red, oh no, I am talking full out gasping for breath tomato red. Yeah I know, attractive right? 
So besides my little confession there, there is a story leading up from that.
So about 20 mins ago I did Blogilates which is taught by Casey Ho on YouTube (which by the way works really well if not exhausts me to the core) and while I was doing it I almost passed out... Yup. That is the moment when you realize "maybe I should fix that..." Because I swear all the bones in my body were protesting, I was practically moaning on the floor and my dog was scared to come near me because she must have thought I was dead or dying. I hate exercise....
I hurt now... And I feel gross, so I am going to have a shower and if you guys either face similar things I do or you end up being perfectly fine after working out(LUCKY!!!!!) or you whatever drop me a line in the comments below. Also, if you have any ideas or questions you can also input those below as well.
Anyways guys I shall talk to you later. Ciao!!!!  
Ps. I hope you guys don't find my stories to erratic... I really do try to make them as interesting as possible! (^_^)☆

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Why is falling asleep so hard? Well it's movie talk time!

I don't know if you guys are aware but I suffer with chronic insomnia, but you probably guessed that from the numerous times I have posted at 12 at night...
Anyways it is one of those nights again that I can't sleep so what's better then talking about movies. So there are 3 particular good movies I have seen just recently.
Número 1:
Iron man 3
I really like this movie and it isn't just because it has Robert downy Jr. but because it really made up for  how much the 2nd Iron Man movie sucked. I feel like there was brilliant suspense, wonderful character development and an overall well good job done by the director and the editing staff on the general appearance of the film. What you thought I was going to spoil it for you? That's not how I roll! But feel free to chat me up on it if you want.(^◇^)
Número 2:
This movie is about Manchester United and the Munich air crash of 1958 where several of the players and staff died. I really like real life stories because it shows how one can overcome adversity. The movie was really well portrayed, and it also helps that a lot of the British actors were good looking. This is a really good movie if you want a balance of sad and over coming tribulations as well as a great plot and awesome acting.
Número 3:
Zero Dark Thirty
This movie was extremely intense! This  is another true story but it is slightly exaggerated. The thing about this movie is that it is extremely hard to watch without cringing and should not under any circumstances be watched if you have a weak stomach because the themes of this movie are not easy and the scenes of torture can be a bit sickening. But that is what is also appealing about the movie because they kept it realistic, meaning if you wanted information you would do anything to do it and this is most likely how they took down  Osama bin Laden? One last comment on this movie, the actress deserved the nomination for best lead acts at the oscars. Just saying. She was absolutely spot on with her acting.

So guys, I hope you watch these movies because they are awesome and I also hope you don't suffer from insomnia, because it really sucks! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post. Sleep well and have pleasant dreams wherever you may be.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Why I don't really do much...

So I am sure you can relate to this somehow, but have you ever had someone say to you " What are you doing this summer break? Do you have any plans? Are you going to DO something?"? It's annoying right? Well that's a use story! STORY OF MY LIFE!!! I have many times been accused of not doing much, but that's truly because my own thoughts are better than going to a summer camp to me. I would much rather sit on my a$$ and watch Tv or write or read then to socialize with people. I almost think that has to be a prerequisite to be on the Internet... I can see it on my résumé now, " my name is Kaitlynn and I am a freelance writer and I am addicted to the TV series Red Widow!", then there would be uncanny silence as soon as the interviewer reads this, he or she will turn to the boss person and say " Manny/Jen how do we find these whack jobs?!".
I swear that's probably what will go down. It will be an extremely familiar feeling as my mom wants me to socialize more, which is fine but I would much rather talk to a Starbucks barista while there making my fancy of the month then to go to a camp with people up all in my grill. That just isn't my scene. I don't like many people... People annoy me, but I really like people of like mind so that's why I like the Internet. Because the people are really interesting. That and I can sit in my pyjamas on the couch and socialize people that way.

So my feelings as always are my own but one of my favourite you tubers Swoozie captures the essence of what I am saying perfectly, so follow the link below to check out this video and if you like it I recommend you subscribe to him! Peace guys and I will talk to you later!!!!
Ps. This is Red Widow!!!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

PSY: "Gentleman" is not the right word for this latest video

As you guys know I really like music. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to music as well. You guys also know that I have a huge fascination with Asian culture, so that was why I talked about PSY's Gangnam Style a little while back. I liked that song and even enjoyed the hilarity of the video, but I feel as though PSY's latest release not only takes away from the previous video but also makes me hate the persona he takes on in this latest video. The song is catchy but the video is just horrendous. I am not just bashing without basis, I just really feel that PSY is trying to be the douche bag class clown that everyone finds hilarious but actually deeply despises. 
Don't get me wrong I am not saying I hate PSY or any of his previous works but I feel as though I have lost a lot of my interest in the success of his career, because I am a huge advocate for talented people to have success but not with a$$ wipe quality music videos that make me feel as though if I see PSY in a Korean bar or at a food  stand I will punch his teeth in or pull the chair out from under him to see how he likes it. 
Sorry guys, if you haven't seen the video follow the link below, and tell me what you think of the video, and answer honestly because this is just my opinion and you do not have to share it. 
:) I will talk to you guys later. Until then, have a great week

Here is the link for PSY's "Gentleman":