Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Holy S#^t! I hate exercise

I often have these moments of "I need to be healthy" and I work out and diet but it only seems to last until I loose about 5 pounds before I give up. It is actually quite sad because I want to be healthy but I have a lot of excuses why not to do it. I say I hate exercise in the title but what I really is what happens to me when I work out...
I am not pretty when I work out. I do not glisten and I certainly don't smell great, I am unfortunate because I turn red. Not a pinky red, oh no, I am talking full out gasping for breath tomato red. Yeah I know, attractive right? 
So besides my little confession there, there is a story leading up from that.
So about 20 mins ago I did Blogilates which is taught by Casey Ho on YouTube (which by the way works really well if not exhausts me to the core) and while I was doing it I almost passed out... Yup. That is the moment when you realize "maybe I should fix that..." Because I swear all the bones in my body were protesting, I was practically moaning on the floor and my dog was scared to come near me because she must have thought I was dead or dying. I hate exercise....
I hurt now... And I feel gross, so I am going to have a shower and if you guys either face similar things I do or you end up being perfectly fine after working out(LUCKY!!!!!) or you whatever drop me a line in the comments below. Also, if you have any ideas or questions you can also input those below as well.
Anyways guys I shall talk to you later. Ciao!!!!  
Ps. I hope you guys don't find my stories to erratic... I really do try to make them as interesting as possible! (^_^)☆

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