Friday, 17 May 2013

Why I don't really do much...

So I am sure you can relate to this somehow, but have you ever had someone say to you " What are you doing this summer break? Do you have any plans? Are you going to DO something?"? It's annoying right? Well that's a use story! STORY OF MY LIFE!!! I have many times been accused of not doing much, but that's truly because my own thoughts are better than going to a summer camp to me. I would much rather sit on my a$$ and watch Tv or write or read then to socialize with people. I almost think that has to be a prerequisite to be on the Internet... I can see it on my résumé now, " my name is Kaitlynn and I am a freelance writer and I am addicted to the TV series Red Widow!", then there would be uncanny silence as soon as the interviewer reads this, he or she will turn to the boss person and say " Manny/Jen how do we find these whack jobs?!".
I swear that's probably what will go down. It will be an extremely familiar feeling as my mom wants me to socialize more, which is fine but I would much rather talk to a Starbucks barista while there making my fancy of the month then to go to a camp with people up all in my grill. That just isn't my scene. I don't like many people... People annoy me, but I really like people of like mind so that's why I like the Internet. Because the people are really interesting. That and I can sit in my pyjamas on the couch and socialize people that way.

So my feelings as always are my own but one of my favourite you tubers Swoozie captures the essence of what I am saying perfectly, so follow the link below to check out this video and if you like it I recommend you subscribe to him! Peace guys and I will talk to you later!!!!
Ps. This is Red Widow!!!!

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