Wednesday, 26 June 2013

UrbanDictionary: full of famous last words, stomping ground for the bored and the teenage encyclopedia of life.

There are many reasons a persons may use UrbanDictionary maybe it's to look up a slang word that you have no idea what it means. Maybe your bored with homework and decide that procrastinating is better. Or even you want to develop a hipster vocabulary. 
If you have any of these reasons or more, welcome to the UrbanDictionary club.
I, admittedly, am very guilty of all the above reasons, I am also very bad it slang.... So the site really helps me when my fellow classmates talk.
At one point, my slang dyslexia was so bad that I thought my friends were speaking a whole new language... I thought FTW was extremely inappropriate and not for the win. Or Lmao was lizards make amazing Oreos ( I lied I just had no idea what this one meant until someone spelt it out word for word).
Although I am terrible at acronyms and text lingo I am really proficient at UK slang. That might be because of my Dad's constant European Work Escapades or my raising up in an environment when my grandad  was mad he would divert to some English curse words or even my fascination with UK comedians... Whatever the reason I am pretty good with British Slang but when it comes to North American slang my head is completely in the sand.
To reiterate the usefulness of the UrbanDictionary for me here are some of the words that confound me and that I also find freaking hilarious as well as true.
Without further ado, the Top 10 words with definitions and my own use in a sentence!

Def: someone who holds an outstanding amount of gift cards, store credit and other vouchers but no actual physical cash.
Sentence: I need to pay for gas... No gift card for that... " opens wallet" looks like I have no cash either... What is the point of being a Gift Card Millionaire when you don't have the card you need at that particular moment...!?

9. CumberBitch
Def: The love of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock Holmes in the popular English adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective.
Sentence: So what, I am a CumberBitch, not my fault I find arrogant hotter then Downton Abby.

8. Coffee Face
Def: The face you make when you haven't had your daily dose of caffeine yet.
"Um, Kaitlynn, drink some coffee" "Why?" "Your coffee face makes you look as if you are going to kill someone!"

7. Coffee Nap
Def: a semi conscious state brought on by consuming caffeine 
Sentence: I really love my coffee naps, they are the best part of my day.

6. Computer Anxiety
Def: The anxiety of downloading anything due to previous computer viruses.
Sentence: do I or do I not download this movie... The site looks legitimate.... MY COMPUTER ANXIETY IS RAGING!!!!!

5. Sober Wasted
Def: To exhibit symptoms of being wasted whilst being completely sober
Sentence: If I didn't know I hadn't had antsy thing to drink I would think that I was wasted...

4. Email Roulette 
Def: The act of refreshing your inbox to see if you have new emails
Sentence: On a good day I probably only email roulette 3 times tops

3. Slam Nom
Def: To eat massive amounts of junk food when incredibly hungry
Sentence: I am so hungry right now and that table with all the cake is calling for total slam Nom right now!

2. Netflixia
Def: A self diagnosed disease of loving Netflix streaming
Sentence: Recently my Netflixia has progressed even worse

And number 1.Book Hangover
Def: After reading a good book, reality seems dull or incomplete...
Sentence: After reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, I've had a major book hangover...

Thanks guys for reading and also for putting up with a long stretch without a post... I just had no clue what to write about so I decided, today will be a random blog ( but that's most of my posts isn't it?).
Have a good couple days and I will talk to you guys later!

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