Monday, 29 July 2013

How to Relax: My Usual Go To's

 I have been so exhausted lately... It has been so hard to find stuff to write nor have I had any ideas due to exhaustion... Don't be surprised if this sucks because today is really just an update blog and a list of what I want to do!
1st: I freaking need a cafe latte... As in right now! The cafe down the street is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so I am kind of screwed. I think I am going to go check out one I have been wanting to see downtown... This is my pick me up drink that I often reserve as a "I have had a $;t day" drink. That what espresso does for me; it makes me less bi/&hy and makes my day instantly brighter. 
2nd: I have been on break but I have been so tired, so now I am trying to get my Korean TV fix. Usually, I watch romantic comedy dramas but I have been big into Variety shows, particularly Dream Team 2 and Mamma Mia. If you are wondering where you can watch variety shows I suggest KBS World channel on YouTube and for free dramas (with ads though) I suggest Drama Fever. 
3rd: I also read a lot of Manga. My personal favourites of all time are Skip Beat, Ouran High School Host Club, Taiyou no Ie and D. Gray-Man (I like a lot of shoujo manga, but I also like shounnen!)
4th: and finally depending on the severity of the tiredness I just like to lie in my bed with my music on and just kind of doze off.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

I Am in a Book Frenzy! 2 recommendations for summer reading

Hey guys! The weather has been somewhat questionable for my liking (either way to hot and sunny or to cold and raining). As this is the case I have had more then enough time to read books, an act in which I have not been able to do previously due to this retched thing called math (how I hate the word as I hate all math subjects and the number three. The line has been altered from Tybalt's line in the first act of Romeo and Juliet).
It is no secret that I love literature and that I take great pleasure in devouring a good book. So today I have two books that I want to discuss that I have enjoyed. The first is actually one I read in January of last year and you have probably heard of it; it is called "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green.
The Fault In Our Stars is narrated by a teenage girl named Hazel. Hazel has terminal cancer; Hazel's mom believes that Hazel suffers with depression and asks that Hazel attend a youth group for other cancer patients. At the youth group, Hazel meets charming Augustus Waters. The story shares their bittersweet journey together.
I enjoy this book, A) because it is by John Green, B) part of the book is set in Amsterdam (which is in the Netherlands), C) Hazel is an extremely relatable and D) Augustus is exactly my type ;) I really liked this book!
The second book I wish to discuss is International best seller Gayle Forman's book "Just One Day".
The book follows American teen Allyson who goes on the trip of a lifetime to Europe; and absolutely hates it. After the organized tour ends she leaves with the attractive Dutch 20 year old Willem on an extraordinary day in the city of romance; Paris. After that one day, she finds Willem gone and as a result goes on the long journey to find him and also finds herself along the way.
I enjoyed this book because it was a roller coaster of emotion. One minute you are crying because your heart aches for Allyson, the next you squeal because of Willem. This is the first book I have read of Gayle Forman's but I instantly want to buy the sequel to Just One Day which is called "Just One Year" which focuses on Willem. I ultimately really liked this book and I don't want to give any of the details away.
I hope you enjoy this post and I also hope you add these two books to your summer reading list this year as they are both amazing! 

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Challenge of Being a Teenage Writer: a rant

Hi guys! I must have mentioned this to you before but I consider myself a writer. I continuously write and write, but there are issues with being a teenager in this very adult, business oriented, world of writing. It's difficult because you can't, legally, get a paying a job when your a teen. I consider my blog as my pleasure and as well as my business, but mostly for my enjoyment. When I post, I post because I want to, not because it is an obligation.
It's tough. If I do ever want to make money, I have to take my time away from what I love which is writing, unless I use Adsense which I cant yet. Freelance is also an option but one must be an adult which sucks. 
I am not to far off from being considered  an adult, yet I am still a teenager, and a person with this title often gets lumped in with the few rare bad apples. I hate that analogy but it does really apply. To all my fellow teenagers, the next time you walk into a store count how many times you get glared at or stalked in a store or mall. Do it. I can guarantee that it will be more then 5.
I really I hate the fact that we are not taken as seriously as adults in this way. I understand that we are not considered "fully developed" and that we lack "maturity", but ask those who doubt; why are we considered immature just because we are young? I know a lot of talented teenage writers who wish that someday we will write a novel and see our name on the spine of a book and who are extremely passionate about what they love. Yet, with the age of ebooks we might not see that. I am, as you can tell, passionate about this and I find it very unjust that teens who want  to write have very limited options when it comes to making money in the writing field as a teen. 
Another reason why I don't condone the wrongful prejudice against teenagers in general, is because we have ideas. We are creative. And we are the future. How are all the writers in the world going to pass on their legacy of the written word if, and it is not as if as you think, the written no longer exists in a physical form? I am a huge fan of reading an actual, PHYSICAL, book that you can turn the pages in. That aspect, unfortunately, is changing and I question if its for the better. Yes, I own a tablet and I do read ebooks but I feel as if that option is not the same. If you agree please comment below!
 Anyways this ends the rant for now.
Luckily, I have worked on this blog and that allows me to do what I love and to practice my writing in a positive community such as Blogger. I wish that someday I am able to accomplish my dream of my name on a book cover. Until that happens, I am extremely happy to have this blog, and also the knowledge that there are plenty of creative teens like me who struggle and persevere along with me.

P.s. This was completely a tangent. Sorry! (−_−;)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Plan B of Today

So today I am a bit pissed. Here's why... I had typed out a beautiful post about the origins of teenage nicknames... And then the stupid app that I use to write posts crashed... And I lost my hour of work before even the editing process... And so now I am grumpy...
I wasn't going to post today because I was so freaking mad, but I decided to make this day worthwhile and not leave you guys without a post when I had promised every Monday and Thursday.
So ultimately today I am going to discuss Internet addiction and how to know your a bonfide YouTube junkie.

Okay so here is the 5 best known indicators of internet addiction and how to minimize your computer zombie look and to maximize your productivity.

1. Ignoring parents: this can also be misdiagnosed as "giving sass" or being a "smart a$$". Most commonly it is unintentional because your headphones are on your ears and are at decibels that guarantee temporary deafness and ultimately will lead to ear damage later in life. Anyways, if this is one problem you are plagued with one way to counteract it is too try and read their lips. My recommendation to practicing this skill is to watch a show you have memorized the words to and watch it a couple times without the volume. Find something easy to digest such as a YouTube video because of its relative short length. This technique works about 3 times out of 5. Only recommended when you become a pro at it.

2. Lack of Sleep: this is caused bymindless digging into weird subculture during the wee hours of the morning. This can sometimes be curved by listening to your music, which reduces the urge to pick up your device and watching one last video.

3. Incredible cravings of kimchi ramen: usually occurs in people who watch Asian based YouTube channels or watch food programs. Best recommendation: just purchase the damn ramen because it won't go away anytime soon.

4. Spends most of their time on the Internet: self explanatory. If you fall into the category of an hour and over you are an addict. Which depending on what you view on your subscriptions is fine, only  if you watch semi-decent quality stuff. You are much better off  compared to people who watch other people doing stupid s%@t.

5. You begin to adapt many qualities of the people you watch on YouTube: sometimes it's funny what you pick up like a weird personality but I once started swearing a lot more then what was necessary and it just ended up bad. Reduce the amount of videos that have improper use of the curse language. Don't completely filter everything but don't watch something with it in every sentence without decent context.

Anyways all the above are all opinion pieces. None are scientifically proven (as you can tell) and should be tried at your own risk.
I feel better now. I hope you guys enjoyed and that you continue to support! See you later!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Favourite song of July: Xia Junsu's "Incredible"

Hey everybody! So today is going to be something realitively new. I am going to tell you my favourite song of the month. 
I know, with my excessive cultured-ness on the Internet, that favourite tags are popular. I don't really fall within a particular niche market such as beauty or fashion or reviews or anything, so I want to stay consistent with the things I post, which so happens to be reviews and stories of my life. So here below is this weeks little experiment!
To begin with I am a huge fan of the Korean wave (pretty much anything from pop to indie to rock to rap) not only new debuting groups such as B.A.P or EXO, but also with some of the original forerunners such a TVXQ and SuperJunior. The artist above, Xia Junsu, is a soloist singer who is also apart of JYJ a group under Loen Entertainment . JYJ used to be a sub unit of TVXQ who is under SM Entertainment but due to controversy JYJ nullified their contract with SM. For more information please look it up because it is quiet interesting how JYJ has progressed as a group.
Junsu is currently on his world wide Tarantellegra tour which was his first solo album. The album was released 2012. What's interesting is that the song I am going to share with you has just been released today. Incredible features an unknown rapper to me called Quincy, and I can't say I am a huge fan... Anyways, I really like the song as well as the album.
Although I really like the song, I proportionally HATE the video... It is just... Just... Weird. And Junsu seems to be a pretty crazy and creative guy as proven by the see-through hose he plays with in Tarentellegra, but this video features way to many awkward party-ers such as the guy with the floaty and the girl randomly playing on a kids shopping mall toy. I also don't like Quincy's 15 second interlude. I would have preferred, if they were going to feature someone in the North American rap scene, that it be someone that people actually KNOW, because that would better present this song to a  foreign audience as this album is trying to do. As for the dance, it was good, but it didn't have the usual sharp lines and fluidity that I expect from K-pop but I wasn't entirely disappointed so it was overall okay.
So the song, for all my complaints on the video was awesome (except Quincy). It was right in line with my current tastes. It combines an upbeat techno-beach feel and it is very heavily similar to what Canadian top 40 is currently playing, which usually I don't listen to but a lot of different genres are popping up which is completely what I listen to( I like variety you see). I would go as far as to as that the techno beats sound very similar to David Guetta. Junsu's voice as the info box so eloquently phrased it for me says "he tried something new as a vocalist such as neo soul and funky, making Xia's vocal in full bloom to deliver rich fragrance and happiness to listeners" or whatever that means... 
Since it came out today, as I am writing this I have been listening to it non stop. If you're interested in Xia Junsu's Incredible please check out the link below!

Ps. Thanks guys and  I will see you on Thursday!
Pps. Today being @ 11:55 on Sunday!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Warm Bodies Begin with Warm Hearts: A review of the book Warm Bodies

I finally have written something that wasn't originally someone else's idea to begin with! Today is a book review that you are most likely aware of because of its being all over the world in theatres at the moment based on the break out novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies.

If you are not aware about this book I suggest you buy it. I am not a huge fan of zombies, mostly because they terrify me to the point where I shake in my boots but I really enjoyed this book.

The book is set in a post-society America where the Dead out number the Living. The Living that  are still left, live in the ruins of sports arenas and avoid the cities because the zombies roam freely throughout the desiccated husk of society. The story follows a zombie named R, who shows an extraordinary consciousness that what zombies do is not particularly pleasant and doesn't like it but has to do it because that is how the Dead survive. R, the compassionate zombie, lives among other zombies in a dilapidated airport and goes into the city with hunting parties to feed. 
In order not to give away any important events I shall conclude the synopsis b saying that he meets a girl named Julie, saves her, becomes friends with her, falls in love and etc.

I liked this book because R was a surprisingly bright character who was astute and was constantly aware of his position in society, an outcast in both the zombie world and the Living world. R, to me, doesn't seem all that zombie like which ultimately causes you to wonder, "what if we were in his situation" and that is an incredibly bold question to ask in literature. Despite my fear of zombies I can definitely appreciate the literary allusion to a sophisticated level of empathy through words as well as Isaac Marion's dark and slightly necrophilic but still romantic telling of R's and Julie's story and how their love changes everything.

Overall a good book. However, one note of advice, if (and that's a strong IF) we do end up having a zombie apocalypse I think it best to avoid the zombies unless they are like R, because I don't think zombies will protect you like R, they will probably rip your arm off and eat your brain. Not cool. 

If you guys are interested in this book or even the movie I suggest you hit up your local bookstore or look at iTunes and iBooks. If you don't like reading, I believe audiobooks are also available, one site I have heard is good is, where upon signing up you can receive one free audio book.

This is the book cover

P.S I was not payed to do this and these are strictly my own opinion. Also I am hoping to review the movie at some point so. Hope that you look forward to it! Also if you have any other books you would wish me to review please drop a line. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Creative Process is Tiring: Yet Another Unoriginal Idea this Week Σ(・□・;)

Recently I have been in a huge writes block mode and it has really made me annoyed... So being the Internet addict I am I looked up ideas for blog posts, because for the second time in a row I can't come up with my own ideas... I am so screwed if this goes on....
Anyways thank the website String can for this idea.

"What would I do if I had $1000 to spend on my niche?"
For those who don't know what my niche is its probably because I don't have a particular one but if there was one I would probably spend my $1000 spread over 4 categories that I like I focus on.
Número 1: books
Número 2: music
Número 3: travel
Número 4: games

Now granted there are a lot of things I would also purchase with that $1000 dollars but it is most likely that money would go towards the designing of a new website for this blog and maybe to raffles or giveaways... I feel like that would be nice...
However, since I am a poor student with no job and will likely not have one before she turns 18 I have little prospects so that is the end of my plans there. So sorry for getting your hopes up...

Anyways, hopefully I can get out of his funk...
Maybe TuneIn radio( of course J-pop and K-pop, with some electric grunge and alternative thrown in for good measure!) will help. 
Thanks again, as always, for your continued support!

Ps. A new thing that will happen on this blog is at least one blog post per week but mostly bi weekly. I am thinking of Monday an Thursday updates, so stay tuned. Technically speaking Monday is over where I am but whatever. See you on Thursday!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Contemplations On Life

Today is a bit of an awkward blog as I have writers block. I think it is both monumental and annoying when you have writers block because that means you are a writer who usually has ideas but now you are exhibiting the same symptoms of that of a migraine, which incidentally are as follows: Food cravings, Hyperactivity, Irritability, Neck stiffness, Uncontrollable yawning, Visual phenomena, such as seeing various shapes, bright spots or flashes of light, Vision loss, Pins and needles sensations in an arm or leg, Speech or language problems (aphasia), Blurred vision and Light headedness, sometimes followed by fainting. Then again I could just have a Migraine...
Anyways, my writer's block has led to hours of internet surfing to find something decent to write for you and I have decided to follow my personal Hero John Green's lead and use his format of Thoughts From Places... Because I have no original formats today...

As I sit in my desk chair of miscellaneous brand and my Ikea desk, typing away to you guys, I am looking at my empty ceramic mug, hoping and praying, that it will magically fill itself up with another latte so I don't have go down stairs and get another one, which really describes the human condition in that we take the path of least resistance when it comes to menial tasks such as getting oneself a cup of frothy milk espresso goodness.   I continuously ask myself: "Do I or Do I not get another latte? That is the question...". And again and again I keep thinking how that plays back to my overwhelming desire of a coffee but no effort to achieve it. I ponder and ponder, yet this cyclic pattern is getting me nowhere. And it occurred to me "do I this all the time?!" and the answer is yes, I do. 
So I get up off my butt, grab my mug and head on down stairs. I take the lid off the mug, put the mug under the Tassimo thingy and ate 2 cookies.
Coming back and sitting down on the increasingly uncomfortable chair I sip the magma coffee and burn my tongue... Great.
Now, extremely annoyed at my own stupidity of sipping scalding coffee I find further ways to put off this awkward blog by watching the VlogBrothers which included 2008 onwards. Although admittedly, I was trying to find inspiration in bright paces so I watched mostly John's thoughts from places and Hank's Wednesday songs...
This all had me thinking, "My life... What do I do now?" I question this because in exactly a year I will have ended my Highschool career and I am confused... So confused. And I also wondered if university life would be as interesting, if my continuous copyright infringement in these blogs will continue or if I will be successful later on in life.
These thoughts all seep into my consciousness and are drowning out my laziness and hopefully this small bout of life contemplation develops into an idea worth sharing and delving into later. And the idea that Life is one of those uncertain and terrifying things that must be lived in order to actually what comes later,
and also that a little laziness can indeed inspire.

Thanks guys again and I will talk to you later!