Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Contemplations On Life

Today is a bit of an awkward blog as I have writers block. I think it is both monumental and annoying when you have writers block because that means you are a writer who usually has ideas but now you are exhibiting the same symptoms of that of a migraine, which incidentally are as follows: Food cravings, Hyperactivity, Irritability, Neck stiffness, Uncontrollable yawning, Visual phenomena, such as seeing various shapes, bright spots or flashes of light, Vision loss, Pins and needles sensations in an arm or leg, Speech or language problems (aphasia), Blurred vision and Light headedness, sometimes followed by fainting. Then again I could just have a Migraine...
Anyways, my writer's block has led to hours of internet surfing to find something decent to write for you and I have decided to follow my personal Hero John Green's lead and use his format of Thoughts From Places... Because I have no original formats today...

As I sit in my desk chair of miscellaneous brand and my Ikea desk, typing away to you guys, I am looking at my empty ceramic mug, hoping and praying, that it will magically fill itself up with another latte so I don't have go down stairs and get another one, which really describes the human condition in that we take the path of least resistance when it comes to menial tasks such as getting oneself a cup of frothy milk espresso goodness.   I continuously ask myself: "Do I or Do I not get another latte? That is the question...". And again and again I keep thinking how that plays back to my overwhelming desire of a coffee but no effort to achieve it. I ponder and ponder, yet this cyclic pattern is getting me nowhere. And it occurred to me "do I this all the time?!" and the answer is yes, I do. 
So I get up off my butt, grab my mug and head on down stairs. I take the lid off the mug, put the mug under the Tassimo thingy and ate 2 cookies.
Coming back and sitting down on the increasingly uncomfortable chair I sip the magma coffee and burn my tongue... Great.
Now, extremely annoyed at my own stupidity of sipping scalding coffee I find further ways to put off this awkward blog by watching the VlogBrothers which included 2008 onwards. Although admittedly, I was trying to find inspiration in bright paces so I watched mostly John's thoughts from places and Hank's Wednesday songs...
This all had me thinking, "My life... What do I do now?" I question this because in exactly a year I will have ended my Highschool career and I am confused... So confused. And I also wondered if university life would be as interesting, if my continuous copyright infringement in these blogs will continue or if I will be successful later on in life.
These thoughts all seep into my consciousness and are drowning out my laziness and hopefully this small bout of life contemplation develops into an idea worth sharing and delving into later. And the idea that Life is one of those uncertain and terrifying things that must be lived in order to actually what comes later,
and also that a little laziness can indeed inspire.

Thanks guys again and I will talk to you later!

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