Monday, 15 July 2013

Favourite song of July: Xia Junsu's "Incredible"

Hey everybody! So today is going to be something realitively new. I am going to tell you my favourite song of the month. 
I know, with my excessive cultured-ness on the Internet, that favourite tags are popular. I don't really fall within a particular niche market such as beauty or fashion or reviews or anything, so I want to stay consistent with the things I post, which so happens to be reviews and stories of my life. So here below is this weeks little experiment!
To begin with I am a huge fan of the Korean wave (pretty much anything from pop to indie to rock to rap) not only new debuting groups such as B.A.P or EXO, but also with some of the original forerunners such a TVXQ and SuperJunior. The artist above, Xia Junsu, is a soloist singer who is also apart of JYJ a group under Loen Entertainment . JYJ used to be a sub unit of TVXQ who is under SM Entertainment but due to controversy JYJ nullified their contract with SM. For more information please look it up because it is quiet interesting how JYJ has progressed as a group.
Junsu is currently on his world wide Tarantellegra tour which was his first solo album. The album was released 2012. What's interesting is that the song I am going to share with you has just been released today. Incredible features an unknown rapper to me called Quincy, and I can't say I am a huge fan... Anyways, I really like the song as well as the album.
Although I really like the song, I proportionally HATE the video... It is just... Just... Weird. And Junsu seems to be a pretty crazy and creative guy as proven by the see-through hose he plays with in Tarentellegra, but this video features way to many awkward party-ers such as the guy with the floaty and the girl randomly playing on a kids shopping mall toy. I also don't like Quincy's 15 second interlude. I would have preferred, if they were going to feature someone in the North American rap scene, that it be someone that people actually KNOW, because that would better present this song to a  foreign audience as this album is trying to do. As for the dance, it was good, but it didn't have the usual sharp lines and fluidity that I expect from K-pop but I wasn't entirely disappointed so it was overall okay.
So the song, for all my complaints on the video was awesome (except Quincy). It was right in line with my current tastes. It combines an upbeat techno-beach feel and it is very heavily similar to what Canadian top 40 is currently playing, which usually I don't listen to but a lot of different genres are popping up which is completely what I listen to( I like variety you see). I would go as far as to as that the techno beats sound very similar to David Guetta. Junsu's voice as the info box so eloquently phrased it for me says "he tried something new as a vocalist such as neo soul and funky, making Xia's vocal in full bloom to deliver rich fragrance and happiness to listeners" or whatever that means... 
Since it came out today, as I am writing this I have been listening to it non stop. If you're interested in Xia Junsu's Incredible please check out the link below!

Ps. Thanks guys and  I will see you on Thursday!
Pps. Today being @ 11:55 on Sunday!

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