Thursday, 25 July 2013

I Am in a Book Frenzy! 2 recommendations for summer reading

Hey guys! The weather has been somewhat questionable for my liking (either way to hot and sunny or to cold and raining). As this is the case I have had more then enough time to read books, an act in which I have not been able to do previously due to this retched thing called math (how I hate the word as I hate all math subjects and the number three. The line has been altered from Tybalt's line in the first act of Romeo and Juliet).
It is no secret that I love literature and that I take great pleasure in devouring a good book. So today I have two books that I want to discuss that I have enjoyed. The first is actually one I read in January of last year and you have probably heard of it; it is called "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green.
The Fault In Our Stars is narrated by a teenage girl named Hazel. Hazel has terminal cancer; Hazel's mom believes that Hazel suffers with depression and asks that Hazel attend a youth group for other cancer patients. At the youth group, Hazel meets charming Augustus Waters. The story shares their bittersweet journey together.
I enjoy this book, A) because it is by John Green, B) part of the book is set in Amsterdam (which is in the Netherlands), C) Hazel is an extremely relatable and D) Augustus is exactly my type ;) I really liked this book!
The second book I wish to discuss is International best seller Gayle Forman's book "Just One Day".
The book follows American teen Allyson who goes on the trip of a lifetime to Europe; and absolutely hates it. After the organized tour ends she leaves with the attractive Dutch 20 year old Willem on an extraordinary day in the city of romance; Paris. After that one day, she finds Willem gone and as a result goes on the long journey to find him and also finds herself along the way.
I enjoyed this book because it was a roller coaster of emotion. One minute you are crying because your heart aches for Allyson, the next you squeal because of Willem. This is the first book I have read of Gayle Forman's but I instantly want to buy the sequel to Just One Day which is called "Just One Year" which focuses on Willem. I ultimately really liked this book and I don't want to give any of the details away.
I hope you enjoy this post and I also hope you add these two books to your summer reading list this year as they are both amazing! 

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