Monday, 22 July 2013

The Challenge of Being a Teenage Writer: a rant

Hi guys! I must have mentioned this to you before but I consider myself a writer. I continuously write and write, but there are issues with being a teenager in this very adult, business oriented, world of writing. It's difficult because you can't, legally, get a paying a job when your a teen. I consider my blog as my pleasure and as well as my business, but mostly for my enjoyment. When I post, I post because I want to, not because it is an obligation.
It's tough. If I do ever want to make money, I have to take my time away from what I love which is writing, unless I use Adsense which I cant yet. Freelance is also an option but one must be an adult which sucks. 
I am not to far off from being considered  an adult, yet I am still a teenager, and a person with this title often gets lumped in with the few rare bad apples. I hate that analogy but it does really apply. To all my fellow teenagers, the next time you walk into a store count how many times you get glared at or stalked in a store or mall. Do it. I can guarantee that it will be more then 5.
I really I hate the fact that we are not taken as seriously as adults in this way. I understand that we are not considered "fully developed" and that we lack "maturity", but ask those who doubt; why are we considered immature just because we are young? I know a lot of talented teenage writers who wish that someday we will write a novel and see our name on the spine of a book and who are extremely passionate about what they love. Yet, with the age of ebooks we might not see that. I am, as you can tell, passionate about this and I find it very unjust that teens who want  to write have very limited options when it comes to making money in the writing field as a teen. 
Another reason why I don't condone the wrongful prejudice against teenagers in general, is because we have ideas. We are creative. And we are the future. How are all the writers in the world going to pass on their legacy of the written word if, and it is not as if as you think, the written no longer exists in a physical form? I am a huge fan of reading an actual, PHYSICAL, book that you can turn the pages in. That aspect, unfortunately, is changing and I question if its for the better. Yes, I own a tablet and I do read ebooks but I feel as if that option is not the same. If you agree please comment below!
 Anyways this ends the rant for now.
Luckily, I have worked on this blog and that allows me to do what I love and to practice my writing in a positive community such as Blogger. I wish that someday I am able to accomplish my dream of my name on a book cover. Until that happens, I am extremely happy to have this blog, and also the knowledge that there are plenty of creative teens like me who struggle and persevere along with me.

P.s. This was completely a tangent. Sorry! (−_−;)

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