Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Creative Process is Tiring: Yet Another Unoriginal Idea this Week Σ(・□・;)

Recently I have been in a huge writes block mode and it has really made me annoyed... So being the Internet addict I am I looked up ideas for blog posts, because for the second time in a row I can't come up with my own ideas... I am so screwed if this goes on....
Anyways thank the website String can for this idea.

"What would I do if I had $1000 to spend on my niche?"
For those who don't know what my niche is its probably because I don't have a particular one but if there was one I would probably spend my $1000 spread over 4 categories that I like I focus on.
Número 1: books
Número 2: music
Número 3: travel
Número 4: games

Now granted there are a lot of things I would also purchase with that $1000 dollars but it is most likely that money would go towards the designing of a new website for this blog and maybe to raffles or giveaways... I feel like that would be nice...
However, since I am a poor student with no job and will likely not have one before she turns 18 I have little prospects so that is the end of my plans there. So sorry for getting your hopes up...

Anyways, hopefully I can get out of his funk...
Maybe TuneIn radio( of course J-pop and K-pop, with some electric grunge and alternative thrown in for good measure!) will help. 
Thanks again, as always, for your continued support!

Ps. A new thing that will happen on this blog is at least one blog post per week but mostly bi weekly. I am thinking of Monday an Thursday updates, so stay tuned. Technically speaking Monday is over where I am but whatever. See you on Thursday!!!!!

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