Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Plan B of Today

So today I am a bit pissed. Here's why... I had typed out a beautiful post about the origins of teenage nicknames... And then the stupid app that I use to write posts crashed... And I lost my hour of work before even the editing process... And so now I am grumpy...
I wasn't going to post today because I was so freaking mad, but I decided to make this day worthwhile and not leave you guys without a post when I had promised every Monday and Thursday.
So ultimately today I am going to discuss Internet addiction and how to know your a bonfide YouTube junkie.

Okay so here is the 5 best known indicators of internet addiction and how to minimize your computer zombie look and to maximize your productivity.

1. Ignoring parents: this can also be misdiagnosed as "giving sass" or being a "smart a$$". Most commonly it is unintentional because your headphones are on your ears and are at decibels that guarantee temporary deafness and ultimately will lead to ear damage later in life. Anyways, if this is one problem you are plagued with one way to counteract it is too try and read their lips. My recommendation to practicing this skill is to watch a show you have memorized the words to and watch it a couple times without the volume. Find something easy to digest such as a YouTube video because of its relative short length. This technique works about 3 times out of 5. Only recommended when you become a pro at it.

2. Lack of Sleep: this is caused bymindless digging into weird subculture during the wee hours of the morning. This can sometimes be curved by listening to your music, which reduces the urge to pick up your device and watching one last video.

3. Incredible cravings of kimchi ramen: usually occurs in people who watch Asian based YouTube channels or watch food programs. Best recommendation: just purchase the damn ramen because it won't go away anytime soon.

4. Spends most of their time on the Internet: self explanatory. If you fall into the category of an hour and over you are an addict. Which depending on what you view on your subscriptions is fine, only  if you watch semi-decent quality stuff. You are much better off  compared to people who watch other people doing stupid s%@t.

5. You begin to adapt many qualities of the people you watch on YouTube: sometimes it's funny what you pick up like a weird personality but I once started swearing a lot more then what was necessary and it just ended up bad. Reduce the amount of videos that have improper use of the curse language. Don't completely filter everything but don't watch something with it in every sentence without decent context.

Anyways all the above are all opinion pieces. None are scientifically proven (as you can tell) and should be tried at your own risk.
I feel better now. I hope you guys enjoyed and that you continue to support! See you later!

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