Thursday, 11 July 2013

Warm Bodies Begin with Warm Hearts: A review of the book Warm Bodies

I finally have written something that wasn't originally someone else's idea to begin with! Today is a book review that you are most likely aware of because of its being all over the world in theatres at the moment based on the break out novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies.

If you are not aware about this book I suggest you buy it. I am not a huge fan of zombies, mostly because they terrify me to the point where I shake in my boots but I really enjoyed this book.

The book is set in a post-society America where the Dead out number the Living. The Living that  are still left, live in the ruins of sports arenas and avoid the cities because the zombies roam freely throughout the desiccated husk of society. The story follows a zombie named R, who shows an extraordinary consciousness that what zombies do is not particularly pleasant and doesn't like it but has to do it because that is how the Dead survive. R, the compassionate zombie, lives among other zombies in a dilapidated airport and goes into the city with hunting parties to feed. 
In order not to give away any important events I shall conclude the synopsis b saying that he meets a girl named Julie, saves her, becomes friends with her, falls in love and etc.

I liked this book because R was a surprisingly bright character who was astute and was constantly aware of his position in society, an outcast in both the zombie world and the Living world. R, to me, doesn't seem all that zombie like which ultimately causes you to wonder, "what if we were in his situation" and that is an incredibly bold question to ask in literature. Despite my fear of zombies I can definitely appreciate the literary allusion to a sophisticated level of empathy through words as well as Isaac Marion's dark and slightly necrophilic but still romantic telling of R's and Julie's story and how their love changes everything.

Overall a good book. However, one note of advice, if (and that's a strong IF) we do end up having a zombie apocalypse I think it best to avoid the zombies unless they are like R, because I don't think zombies will protect you like R, they will probably rip your arm off and eat your brain. Not cool. 

If you guys are interested in this book or even the movie I suggest you hit up your local bookstore or look at iTunes and iBooks. If you don't like reading, I believe audiobooks are also available, one site I have heard is good is, where upon signing up you can receive one free audio book.

This is the book cover

P.S I was not payed to do this and these are strictly my own opinion. Also I am hoping to review the movie at some point so. Hope that you look forward to it! Also if you have any other books you would wish me to review please drop a line. 

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