Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Favourite Song of August: "Clarity" by Zedd feat. Foxes

Spoiler Alert: in the second half of the blog

In the past year my taste in music as really expanded. I used to be very exclusive when it came to music, by mostly sticking to my metal or alternative music (which for some reason iTunes classifies as Emo in the genius playlists). Now however I listen to pretty much everything. I first heard today's song on a German radio station and have been hearing everywhere ever since. 
The song, "Clarity" by Zedd feat. Foxes, is classified as electronic and I have really been loving the whole genre this summer.
Anton Zavalski is a German-Russian DJ and electronic producer, but is most commonly referred to as Zedd, his stage name. He wrote and produced "Clarity", Along with Matthew Koma, Porter Robinson and Skylar Grey. The vocals are performed by English song writer and singer Louisa Rose Allen, better known as Foxes.
I really like this song because of its techno beats, but also because of the lyrics. Although the verses are incredibly few (two to be exact) they really portray this vibe of forbidden love, almost like a "Romeo and Juliet" situation. The song also refers to themes of tension and relationship strife  of wanting to leave but not being able to stay away.
The video, although very artistic, can be very difficult to interpret being as it starts off in a dessert  then switches to two people in cars. From there, there is a crash and this is where things begin to make sense. The two people involved in the crash are sent to heaven or limbo, which is the dessert. they meet in a cavern on the oherside where they wake,  but then the  girl runs away. The boy runs after her into the dessert. He bends over at some point where he sees blood. The blood is the girls. He continues to run after when he finally catches up to her but she collapses. We can only assume he has hurt her in someway but he still cares for her as he runs after her.
This corresponds well with the lyrics because it portrays a conflict between leaving and staying, and when you do leave you go running back.
I have no real complaints about the video, but I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG!!!

If you haven't already seen the video, or haven't heard the song I suggest you follow the link below. Leave comments below to leave your favourite song of the month, or if you have anything else you want me to review.
Here is the link: http://youtu.be/IxxstCcJlsc

P.S Recently I have just reached over 2000 views. Although this number may seem minuscule, this a huge accomplishment for my blog and I really wan to thank you all of your support. Love you guys! XOXOXOXOXO ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Monday, 19 August 2013

Public Transportation: My Interesting Story

Hey guys! So on Thursday of last week when I was supposed to be posting a blog post, I was hanging out with two friends. My best friend S and I rode the bus down to see my friend C. It must be said C lives about an hour and twenty minutes by bus from us. So when you spend so much time on a huge vehicle with a whole bunch of people you are bound to run into some pretty interesting people. On the way their was uneventful for the most part other then a really stoned guy leaning a tad bit close to S. It was on the way back that this story really takes place.
After hanging out with C for the day, S and I rushed to the bus stop because we thought since our bus was already there we thought were going to miss it. When we reached the bus we realized rather quickly that the bus driver had left the bus. However, their was a woman on the bus... A really angry woman...
We weren't really sure what was going on but we could tell that something was up with this woman. The writer in me was somewhat fascinated with the woman on the bus. I attribute that to the fact that the bus wasn't moving yet she walked  around the bus as if she was sailing through a raging tempest. I am not as naive as to think that this was normal behaviour so I turned to S and told her we should step away from the bus until the driver came back.
The woman continued her odd ballet dance of drunken stupor until another bus driver seeing S and my faces, came to see if she was stuck on the bus. I don't recall their entire conversation but this is what I saw:
Bus driver: "Ma'am are you stuck on the bus"
Woman: staggers, looks at Bus Driver confused
Bus driver: repeats previous statement
Woman: shakes head crazily
Bus driver: "I was just making sure you didn't feel as though you were being confined" he laughs and leaves awkwardly.

Thankfully the bus driver who was to drive our bus came back. S and I stepped onto the bus and decided for precautionary measures to sit near the back of the bus. It was 5 minutes into the bus ride when I noticed the woman staring at me. I calmly talked to S trying to ignore the woman's stare. Another minute passed until the woman swaggered through the now full bus towards our seats.
The Woman now in front of us pressed her face so close to my face I almost could feel her breath against my face.
"You are staring at me weirdly" she accused me. This confused me, because I was trying with all my energy to ignore this woman when she was on her side of the bus. Now that she so kindly had literally "gotten all up in my business" I stared at her blankly.
She slurred again, "you were talking about me and I feel your eyes on my soul!" I kind of wanted to laugh but this woman was obviously dead serious so I calmly told her I was not. She argued back with me and swaggered back to her seat. When she slumped into her seat again her head practically nestled  into a very uncomfortable looking middle aged Asian man, just minding his own business. She propped herself back up on the window and started gesturing at me to "go (insert really bad word her) myself". Thankfully 3 stops later she got off and was now someone else's problem. S and I were silent for a bit before we went back to business as usual.
Honestly, I was a bit taken aback. I had done nothing to provoke her, unless looking away and being uncomfortable with her public inebriation was a crime. I look back on this and I think, " hmm, I probably should have been more scared." But if she had hurt S or had gotten any closer to us I would have made a scene, that would have been guaranteed. I am only 5'2 but I am not afraid to protect myself and those who are important to me. Thankfully it didn't get to the point where she was a serious threat.

Anyways that's it, this concludes my crazy bus story. The picture is a random photo found of my city's public transport system, that I found on Advanced google search. ( I am trying to be wary of copyrighting pictures lately) BYE GUYS!!!!!!!!

Monday, 12 August 2013

No wifi? NO WIFI!!!!!!!????? Angry Panda Has Been Unleashed

Sorry guys for not uploading last week but where I was vacationing had weak wifi. And if there is one thing I hate is having weak, intermittent wifi! The reason? Because its there but you can do absolutely jack with it, so it just serves as a constant reminder of your Internet dependence. I would like to say I could have found a Starbucks somewhere with wifi but even that wasn't possible because there is no Starbucks in that town! Which usually would not to bother me if I hadn't been deprived of my mindless surfing of the Internet.... But it did... A lot!!!!!
And this ordeal ( or temporary ordeal as it were) had me thinking; I seriously have a problem. When did I reach the point where pretty much everything I use to entertain myself relies on a strong Internet connection?
I read books, probably a lot more then people think, but my reading habit is expensive and I am not a big fan of public libraries... That  shall be saved for another day. I also enjoy writing with pen and paper but I often reserve that for poetry or ideas that demand to be spewed out. Magazines are fine but even those get expensive after awhile. So what's left to stimulate my mind that dwells on anything and everything? The Internet! But could I get even one hour of mindless surfing to spark anything other then in curable boredom? Nope. And do you know why? Because there was not a strong enough connection... Does this make me angry? YES! Am I highly dependent on the Internet? Yes! What happens if you combine these two factors? ANGRY PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Why I Love Creative People: A Stumble Upon Accident

So to start of this blog I want to say, initially I had no idea what to do for today's post. I am sorry. However, whilst I was procrastinating and trying to find something, anything, to write today, I went to Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon is a website that allows you to find websites that coincide with your interests. This decision to procrastinate (for once) paid off because now I can share this awesome story with you guys.
Anyways, while I was on Stumble Upon, I landed on Ryan Seacrest's website thing-a-majig and saw this adorable post that he had shared. Seacrest's blog introduced a very viral video and can you guess what it was about? Prom! So being from Canada we don't have prom, we just have graduation parties so I don't really get the whole importance of prom but I get the gist of its importance. Anyways this teenager, Jason Pitts, went into his crush's (Lianna Cohen) third period class and serenaded her with a song. Jason was accompanied by a 5 guy chorus behind him.
This really stands out to me because he chose a medium, music, that would make him stand out from other guys, and that was extremely clever of him! One thing that people don't grasp when it comes to relaying your feelings is that the way you portray them is extremely important. I often ask myself this: what do I have to lose if I tell my crush that I like them? To be honest you don't really lose anything. Sure its a 50/50 chance of getting hurt but its better then remaining unconfident and upset over unreciprocated feelings.
 The reason I want to talk about this particular case of prom proposal ( I have seen similar things before) is because this girl is so shocked and happy and probably felt that she didn't stand out to anyone. But this guy made her feel special even if she didn't realize that he liked her until that moment. To be able to embrace the odds and try to overcome the hurdles of doubt we need to step out of our comfort zone and I felt that this was extremely heartwarming and left me wanting that same courage that he had. I can't play guitar and I am certainly not so brave as to interrupt a classroom like that (my teachers are somewhat scary) but it gives me hope that the little things in life are important and that fear is just a side effect of doubt. By overcoming doubt we can conquer situations that make us uncomfortable, and maybe, just maybe, we can reap rewards that we felt were out of grasp!

Below is the link, and I highly recommend that you watch this heartwarming song.
Click here: