Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Favourite Song of August: "Clarity" by Zedd feat. Foxes

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In the past year my taste in music as really expanded. I used to be very exclusive when it came to music, by mostly sticking to my metal or alternative music (which for some reason iTunes classifies as Emo in the genius playlists). Now however I listen to pretty much everything. I first heard today's song on a German radio station and have been hearing everywhere ever since. 
The song, "Clarity" by Zedd feat. Foxes, is classified as electronic and I have really been loving the whole genre this summer.
Anton Zavalski is a German-Russian DJ and electronic producer, but is most commonly referred to as Zedd, his stage name. He wrote and produced "Clarity", Along with Matthew Koma, Porter Robinson and Skylar Grey. The vocals are performed by English song writer and singer Louisa Rose Allen, better known as Foxes.
I really like this song because of its techno beats, but also because of the lyrics. Although the verses are incredibly few (two to be exact) they really portray this vibe of forbidden love, almost like a "Romeo and Juliet" situation. The song also refers to themes of tension and relationship strife  of wanting to leave but not being able to stay away.
The video, although very artistic, can be very difficult to interpret being as it starts off in a dessert  then switches to two people in cars. From there, there is a crash and this is where things begin to make sense. The two people involved in the crash are sent to heaven or limbo, which is the dessert. they meet in a cavern on the oherside where they wake,  but then the  girl runs away. The boy runs after her into the dessert. He bends over at some point where he sees blood. The blood is the girls. He continues to run after when he finally catches up to her but she collapses. We can only assume he has hurt her in someway but he still cares for her as he runs after her.
This corresponds well with the lyrics because it portrays a conflict between leaving and staying, and when you do leave you go running back.
I have no real complaints about the video, but I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG!!!

If you haven't already seen the video, or haven't heard the song I suggest you follow the link below. Leave comments below to leave your favourite song of the month, or if you have anything else you want me to review.
Here is the link: http://youtu.be/IxxstCcJlsc

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