Monday, 12 August 2013

No wifi? NO WIFI!!!!!!!????? Angry Panda Has Been Unleashed

Sorry guys for not uploading last week but where I was vacationing had weak wifi. And if there is one thing I hate is having weak, intermittent wifi! The reason? Because its there but you can do absolutely jack with it, so it just serves as a constant reminder of your Internet dependence. I would like to say I could have found a Starbucks somewhere with wifi but even that wasn't possible because there is no Starbucks in that town! Which usually would not to bother me if I hadn't been deprived of my mindless surfing of the Internet.... But it did... A lot!!!!!
And this ordeal ( or temporary ordeal as it were) had me thinking; I seriously have a problem. When did I reach the point where pretty much everything I use to entertain myself relies on a strong Internet connection?
I read books, probably a lot more then people think, but my reading habit is expensive and I am not a big fan of public libraries... That  shall be saved for another day. I also enjoy writing with pen and paper but I often reserve that for poetry or ideas that demand to be spewed out. Magazines are fine but even those get expensive after awhile. So what's left to stimulate my mind that dwells on anything and everything? The Internet! But could I get even one hour of mindless surfing to spark anything other then in curable boredom? Nope. And do you know why? Because there was not a strong enough connection... Does this make me angry? YES! Am I highly dependent on the Internet? Yes! What happens if you combine these two factors? ANGRY PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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