Monday, 19 August 2013

Public Transportation: My Interesting Story

Hey guys! So on Thursday of last week when I was supposed to be posting a blog post, I was hanging out with two friends. My best friend S and I rode the bus down to see my friend C. It must be said C lives about an hour and twenty minutes by bus from us. So when you spend so much time on a huge vehicle with a whole bunch of people you are bound to run into some pretty interesting people. On the way their was uneventful for the most part other then a really stoned guy leaning a tad bit close to S. It was on the way back that this story really takes place.
After hanging out with C for the day, S and I rushed to the bus stop because we thought since our bus was already there we thought were going to miss it. When we reached the bus we realized rather quickly that the bus driver had left the bus. However, their was a woman on the bus... A really angry woman...
We weren't really sure what was going on but we could tell that something was up with this woman. The writer in me was somewhat fascinated with the woman on the bus. I attribute that to the fact that the bus wasn't moving yet she walked  around the bus as if she was sailing through a raging tempest. I am not as naive as to think that this was normal behaviour so I turned to S and told her we should step away from the bus until the driver came back.
The woman continued her odd ballet dance of drunken stupor until another bus driver seeing S and my faces, came to see if she was stuck on the bus. I don't recall their entire conversation but this is what I saw:
Bus driver: "Ma'am are you stuck on the bus"
Woman: staggers, looks at Bus Driver confused
Bus driver: repeats previous statement
Woman: shakes head crazily
Bus driver: "I was just making sure you didn't feel as though you were being confined" he laughs and leaves awkwardly.

Thankfully the bus driver who was to drive our bus came back. S and I stepped onto the bus and decided for precautionary measures to sit near the back of the bus. It was 5 minutes into the bus ride when I noticed the woman staring at me. I calmly talked to S trying to ignore the woman's stare. Another minute passed until the woman swaggered through the now full bus towards our seats.
The Woman now in front of us pressed her face so close to my face I almost could feel her breath against my face.
"You are staring at me weirdly" she accused me. This confused me, because I was trying with all my energy to ignore this woman when she was on her side of the bus. Now that she so kindly had literally "gotten all up in my business" I stared at her blankly.
She slurred again, "you were talking about me and I feel your eyes on my soul!" I kind of wanted to laugh but this woman was obviously dead serious so I calmly told her I was not. She argued back with me and swaggered back to her seat. When she slumped into her seat again her head practically nestled  into a very uncomfortable looking middle aged Asian man, just minding his own business. She propped herself back up on the window and started gesturing at me to "go (insert really bad word her) myself". Thankfully 3 stops later she got off and was now someone else's problem. S and I were silent for a bit before we went back to business as usual.
Honestly, I was a bit taken aback. I had done nothing to provoke her, unless looking away and being uncomfortable with her public inebriation was a crime. I look back on this and I think, " hmm, I probably should have been more scared." But if she had hurt S or had gotten any closer to us I would have made a scene, that would have been guaranteed. I am only 5'2 but I am not afraid to protect myself and those who are important to me. Thankfully it didn't get to the point where she was a serious threat.

Anyways that's it, this concludes my crazy bus story. The picture is a random photo found of my city's public transport system, that I found on Advanced google search. ( I am trying to be wary of copyrighting pictures lately) BYE GUYS!!!!!!!!

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