Thursday, 1 August 2013

Why I Love Creative People: A Stumble Upon Accident

So to start of this blog I want to say, initially I had no idea what to do for today's post. I am sorry. However, whilst I was procrastinating and trying to find something, anything, to write today, I went to Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon is a website that allows you to find websites that coincide with your interests. This decision to procrastinate (for once) paid off because now I can share this awesome story with you guys.
Anyways, while I was on Stumble Upon, I landed on Ryan Seacrest's website thing-a-majig and saw this adorable post that he had shared. Seacrest's blog introduced a very viral video and can you guess what it was about? Prom! So being from Canada we don't have prom, we just have graduation parties so I don't really get the whole importance of prom but I get the gist of its importance. Anyways this teenager, Jason Pitts, went into his crush's (Lianna Cohen) third period class and serenaded her with a song. Jason was accompanied by a 5 guy chorus behind him.
This really stands out to me because he chose a medium, music, that would make him stand out from other guys, and that was extremely clever of him! One thing that people don't grasp when it comes to relaying your feelings is that the way you portray them is extremely important. I often ask myself this: what do I have to lose if I tell my crush that I like them? To be honest you don't really lose anything. Sure its a 50/50 chance of getting hurt but its better then remaining unconfident and upset over unreciprocated feelings.
 The reason I want to talk about this particular case of prom proposal ( I have seen similar things before) is because this girl is so shocked and happy and probably felt that she didn't stand out to anyone. But this guy made her feel special even if she didn't realize that he liked her until that moment. To be able to embrace the odds and try to overcome the hurdles of doubt we need to step out of our comfort zone and I felt that this was extremely heartwarming and left me wanting that same courage that he had. I can't play guitar and I am certainly not so brave as to interrupt a classroom like that (my teachers are somewhat scary) but it gives me hope that the little things in life are important and that fear is just a side effect of doubt. By overcoming doubt we can conquer situations that make us uncomfortable, and maybe, just maybe, we can reap rewards that we felt were out of grasp!

Below is the link, and I highly recommend that you watch this heartwarming song.
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