Saturday, 28 September 2013

Favourite Song(s) of the Month: G.Dragon's "Crooked", Lana Del Ray's "Young and Beautiful" and Marina and the Diamonds's "Lies"

This month's favourite song post is a multi favourite post. As you can tell I could not make up my mind! 
Now it may be the fact that I want to spoil you guys with great music or I am just completely absorbed with the idea that I MUST write about these songs and their respective artists. So...

First off on the list is G-Dragon's "Crooked"!
The reason I like this song is because the lyrics and the video are extremely complimentary. I really connect with this song because it heavily suggests doing one thing but feeling another. Now the message is about G- Dragon trying to get over a girl in his life and seemingly struggling to come to terms with the apparent betrayal of her leaving. I also like this song because you can apply it to anything including life events, not just love. I like the video because it occurs overseas which seems to be becoming more and more popular everywhere in the world. If it's an American artist they go to Japan (Gwen Stefani), if your an artist from the UK you go to the United States (One Direction), and if your a Korean artist you go to England (G-Dragon). An interesting pattern and an ultimately globally aware trend.
Click the link here, to see G-Dragon's "Crooked":

Second on the list, "Lies" by Marina and the Diamonds!
"Lies" is the tenth song on Marina's 2012 album "Electra Heart". I love this song because of Marina's soft voice and the fragility of her feelings being portrayed.The song and video compliment each other with their juxtapositions ; the video uses harsh jump cuts whereas the songs lyrics are soft and imploring.The overall appearance of the video is simplistic in the sense that it is edited to look more complicated but only focuses on two or three different scenes: 1) close ups, 2) raining on the picnic and 3) running into the woods. This simplicity shows an elegance and sincerity of her feelings.
Click here to see Marina and the Diamonds' "Lies":

And finally, Lana Del Rey's "Young and Beautiful"!
This song literally has me dancing around the house and singing at the top of my lungs. I love it. The only down side is that the video is somewhat boring. It's not boring in the fact that it has little going on but because I am extremely story motivated and I am disappointed if a video doesn't have any sort of story. The other two videos have the video and the lyrics matching or at least telling a story at the me time, however this song just uses its lyrics to get the point across which is a strong point for the song but does not appeal me to the video.
Click here to see Lana Del Rey's "Young and Beautiful":

Thanks guys for staying tuned for this months favourite songs and if you have any recommendations in the future just drop me a line!
The photos are from google images and are sorted by appearance: G-Dragon(, Marina and the Diamonds( and Lana Del Rey( This combined images was created by me!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Life Update: (; ̄ェ ̄)

I am sorry for not posting but I have been having difficulty balancing all my homework and my sanity so one thing has to give and that just so happens to be my blog. Sorry...
So as the post says this is an update on my life...
1. I am going to Boston, Ma.
2. I am drowning in homework.
3. Next week I am going to be posting the favourite music video/song of the month.
4. I am also going to blog about my trip, with pictures
5. I am also going to do a favourite things of the month blog post the week after.

This is just a short blog but as always I really appreciate your support and if you ever have an idea please drop me a line in the google plus page, on my twitter, my Instagram, or my comments section below!!! 

I do not own this picture... But I really like pandas!!!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Studying: WHY!!!!

Sorry for not posting a in awhile but I will probably have to move the days I blog onto the weekends. Again I am very sorry.
And here is the reason why. Studying... I have been back for a week now and I am already drowning in crappy homework stress. Now, I understand that there are many different stresses but today I am just bogged down with work so its hard to work on the things I love, which incidentally is my writing and blogging. It is ridiculous how much someone's life changes when you add in more then 90 minutes of extra homework. You don't get much done in a day, to be honest.
It's going to be short today but it will be longer on Saturday.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back To School Blues: how to survive the oncoming school year in 5 easy steps

It is finally that time of year again. School.... This is my senior year of High school and I am nervous for what that means for the future. Thankfully, I have an idea what the future will be, but it is not all set in stone. Moving on...
Today was ,officially, my first full day back at school and I am already tired. They don't joke around when they say Grade 12 is a completely different environment then Grade 11. I can already tell that it won't be easy. You want to know why? I already have a crap load of homework... All I want to do is too watch YouTube videos and fall asleep but I am going to talk about ways to conquer the "Back To School Jitters"!
Step 1: Be prepared!
The worst thing you can do on your first day of anything is to come without the proper supplies. Whether it be your basics like pens and paper or the more complicated like your vat o' caffeinated beverage to get you through the day, just make sure you are ready before hand for whatever the day throws at you.
Step 2: Don't be afraid to talk to people!
While I know it is nerve racking to not be talked to, but sometimes the only way to have a conversation is to start one. And you are probably thinking, "Well, they could start the conversation too".  That is true, but let's be honest, conversation is conversation. It doesn't really matter who starts it. And their might be very valid reasons why hey don't start conversations. They are  just as shy and just  as scared as you, so by starting conversation you actually start to know people, rather then being alone.
Step 3: You might not like everyone but don't completely shut them out!
This is hard to explain so I will provide a personal example.
A friend of a friend of mine has said some pretty rude things about me in the past. Now as much as I would like to ignore her, I can't, so sometimes you just have to deal. Haters are haters, but know that if you continue to be the better person by it you show the better character for it.
Step 4: Be yourself!
This may sound like clichéd advice but if can't be yourself around your friends from the start you only are hurting yourself because you are now stuck being someone your not. Your friends should hang out with you for who you are, not for how popular you are.
And Step 5: Show up!
This may sound really stupid but one of my best friends last year was a chronic skipper and constantly late for class, just because she didn't want to go. It's not a matter of not even wanting to go, you HAVE to go by law in Canada so it's not even optional. Chronic lateness and tardiness negatively affects your schoolwork as well as your future. An example of this: the same friend's English mark, just due to chronic skipping, was 25% and it took more energy to get the mark up rather then doing it in class.

These are my 5 (straight forward ) tips to surviving school or even just life. If you are just entering High school, graduating or graduated these rules apply to everyone and should not be limited to just High school but also to the rest of your life!

Monday, 2 September 2013

The Power of Kpop: insight from a fan girl

So as you may have gathered I am a bit of a Korean wave fan girl. For those readers who don't know what kpop is I recommend you listen to some. To be honest, I didn't really like kpop until about a year ago. I listened to Super Junior once and I wasn't really into it, because at the time, I was going through a very dark music phase (it was pretty eclectic, what with my Slip Knot love at one time). 
However, about a year (approximately) ago, I was reintroduced to kpop through a friend. I really wanted to have something to talk about with her so I listened to the stuff she recommended to me. At first I was torn. In my head I was saying things like " This is good" or "I really love this beat but I wonder what the lyrics are in English". That was really hard for me at first, because I really like song lyrics. I overcame this by really trying to immerse myself into the many bands that Korea produces. As I began listening more and more, words began to stick out and the English subtitles were getting better on more and more videos I started learning a little Korean, so the songs began to make more sense. And ultimately lead for my love for Kpop.
 However, from many Western people's points of view, kpop is somewhat of a weird change from what they are used to. Here are some reasons why:
-In North America, boy bands and girl bands are very uncommon. In the early 2000's they were extremely popular but their popularity began to dwindle. However, groups with more then 3 members in Korea are huge and this can sometimes be a bit of culture shock especially to people are not aware of Asian pop culture.
-Many of the costumes and sets are pretty eccentric, which unless you are Lady Gaga, isn't very common in North American music
-Korean is a language that is very unlike English. For English speakers like myself it is very hard to grasp when we first learn Korean that it works in syllabic blocks. It is a consonant followed by a vowel, to form one syllable. To top it off their are about 35 different characters, that are completely different from the 26 used in the English alphabet.

I hope to carry on discussing kpop and more Asian Culture as it is one of my favourite things. I hope for all of you that don't know a lot about kpop that you pursue it and keep an open mind to trying new things. For all of you who like and enjoy kpop you can probably agree that the three reasons above stand true where you are from! Thanks for reading!!! 

Ps. This is my favourite band, but I also enjoy others. Please let me know what stuff you want me to review or to talk about for later posts.