Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back To School Blues: how to survive the oncoming school year in 5 easy steps

It is finally that time of year again. School.... This is my senior year of High school and I am nervous for what that means for the future. Thankfully, I have an idea what the future will be, but it is not all set in stone. Moving on...
Today was ,officially, my first full day back at school and I am already tired. They don't joke around when they say Grade 12 is a completely different environment then Grade 11. I can already tell that it won't be easy. You want to know why? I already have a crap load of homework... All I want to do is too watch YouTube videos and fall asleep but I am going to talk about ways to conquer the "Back To School Jitters"!
Step 1: Be prepared!
The worst thing you can do on your first day of anything is to come without the proper supplies. Whether it be your basics like pens and paper or the more complicated like your vat o' caffeinated beverage to get you through the day, just make sure you are ready before hand for whatever the day throws at you.
Step 2: Don't be afraid to talk to people!
While I know it is nerve racking to not be talked to, but sometimes the only way to have a conversation is to start one. And you are probably thinking, "Well, they could start the conversation too".  That is true, but let's be honest, conversation is conversation. It doesn't really matter who starts it. And their might be very valid reasons why hey don't start conversations. They are  just as shy and just  as scared as you, so by starting conversation you actually start to know people, rather then being alone.
Step 3: You might not like everyone but don't completely shut them out!
This is hard to explain so I will provide a personal example.
A friend of a friend of mine has said some pretty rude things about me in the past. Now as much as I would like to ignore her, I can't, so sometimes you just have to deal. Haters are haters, but know that if you continue to be the better person by it you show the better character for it.
Step 4: Be yourself!
This may sound like clichéd advice but if can't be yourself around your friends from the start you only are hurting yourself because you are now stuck being someone your not. Your friends should hang out with you for who you are, not for how popular you are.
And Step 5: Show up!
This may sound really stupid but one of my best friends last year was a chronic skipper and constantly late for class, just because she didn't want to go. It's not a matter of not even wanting to go, you HAVE to go by law in Canada so it's not even optional. Chronic lateness and tardiness negatively affects your schoolwork as well as your future. An example of this: the same friend's English mark, just due to chronic skipping, was 25% and it took more energy to get the mark up rather then doing it in class.

These are my 5 (straight forward ) tips to surviving school or even just life. If you are just entering High school, graduating or graduated these rules apply to everyone and should not be limited to just High school but also to the rest of your life!

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