Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Life Update: (; ̄ェ ̄)

I am sorry for not posting but I have been having difficulty balancing all my homework and my sanity so one thing has to give and that just so happens to be my blog. Sorry...
So as the post says this is an update on my life...
1. I am going to Boston, Ma.
2. I am drowning in homework.
3. Next week I am going to be posting the favourite music video/song of the month.
4. I am also going to blog about my trip, with pictures
5. I am also going to do a favourite things of the month blog post the week after.

This is just a short blog but as always I really appreciate your support and if you ever have an idea please drop me a line in the google plus page, on my twitter, my Instagram, or my comments section below!!! 

I do not own this picture... But I really like pandas!!!

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