Monday, 2 September 2013

The Power of Kpop: insight from a fan girl

So as you may have gathered I am a bit of a Korean wave fan girl. For those readers who don't know what kpop is I recommend you listen to some. To be honest, I didn't really like kpop until about a year ago. I listened to Super Junior once and I wasn't really into it, because at the time, I was going through a very dark music phase (it was pretty eclectic, what with my Slip Knot love at one time). 
However, about a year (approximately) ago, I was reintroduced to kpop through a friend. I really wanted to have something to talk about with her so I listened to the stuff she recommended to me. At first I was torn. In my head I was saying things like " This is good" or "I really love this beat but I wonder what the lyrics are in English". That was really hard for me at first, because I really like song lyrics. I overcame this by really trying to immerse myself into the many bands that Korea produces. As I began listening more and more, words began to stick out and the English subtitles were getting better on more and more videos I started learning a little Korean, so the songs began to make more sense. And ultimately lead for my love for Kpop.
 However, from many Western people's points of view, kpop is somewhat of a weird change from what they are used to. Here are some reasons why:
-In North America, boy bands and girl bands are very uncommon. In the early 2000's they were extremely popular but their popularity began to dwindle. However, groups with more then 3 members in Korea are huge and this can sometimes be a bit of culture shock especially to people are not aware of Asian pop culture.
-Many of the costumes and sets are pretty eccentric, which unless you are Lady Gaga, isn't very common in North American music
-Korean is a language that is very unlike English. For English speakers like myself it is very hard to grasp when we first learn Korean that it works in syllabic blocks. It is a consonant followed by a vowel, to form one syllable. To top it off their are about 35 different characters, that are completely different from the 26 used in the English alphabet.

I hope to carry on discussing kpop and more Asian Culture as it is one of my favourite things. I hope for all of you that don't know a lot about kpop that you pursue it and keep an open mind to trying new things. For all of you who like and enjoy kpop you can probably agree that the three reasons above stand true where you are from! Thanks for reading!!! 

Ps. This is my favourite band, but I also enjoy others. Please let me know what stuff you want me to review or to talk about for later posts.

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